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Arabian Riches

Arabian Riches

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Arabian Riches

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Arabian Riches

The Arabian Riches is classic slot machine game with a 3 reel, 1 line slot. This means that there are three spinning reels from where you can form your winning combinations. For every coin you put in, you enable a higher payline. After the reels stop running, a computer checks the combination of symbols along each enabled payline. It can actually be played either for cash or for free. When used for betting and played for real money, denominations of 1p up to $5 are used. A wager of 1 represents up to 3 coins. The minimum vet is 1p thus $5 is the minimum amount you can use when betting in this game. The maximum bet is $15 per spin.

When playing, you can bet max and rub 3 magic lamps for giant payouts. You can win a maximum of up to 2500 credits in this game. You should always note that the default domination is in pounds and you can always change that to your preferable currency either dollars or Euros. Similarly, it is also important for you to know that all payline wins occur on the center payline. Similarly, only the highest winner is paid on the payline. The awards collected are shown in credits. Any type of malfunction voids all plays and pays as well.

As we said earlier, this machine game has only one payline and you can bet up to 3 credits. On betting, click ‘BET 1’ button to increase your bet by 1, up to three credits. However, after you have reached d3 credits and click ‘BET 1’    will reset your bets back to 1 credit. You can click ‘BET MAX’ to bet for the maximum pay which is 3 credits and you start playing immediately. However if you have less than 3 credits your bet will not be activated. After you have placed your bets and are satisfied, click ‘PLAY’ button to spin the reels using the current placed bet. After playing is over, you can click ‘PLAY’ and the reels will run on the same amount as the previous bet, but if you want to change bets, you follow the first step all over again.

If you look at the game console, you will be provided with information on your current balance; the total number of credits remaining, the denomination in which the game you are playing is in, and this represents the value of each credit.

There is a meter bar at the bottom of the main screen and it displays denomination in which the game you are playing is in, the number of credits paid in case you had won and the number of credits bet on previous or current proposition. The winnings paid on the Arabian Riches depend on the symbol displayed on the payline after the reels stop spinning. There are several symbols including the genies lamp, seven, 3-bar, 2-bar, magic carpet, saber and 1-bar. The values of the symbols vary with the highest being for the genies lamp which pay at 250 credits per 1 coin bet and the lowest being for the magic carpet symbol which pays for 2 credits per 1 coin bet.

For the online version, you don’t need to download any software; all you have to do is register with a casino and you are good to go. You can play the Arabian riches for free too, just register as a guest player and you will enjoy the same state of art software as the betting players. This will enable you to evaluate the casino environment and help you practice on the game with no risk involved. After familiarizing yourself with the game you can then participate in online betting for a chance to win cash.

The Arabian Riches is an exciting and interesting game to participate in. Its high quality software and innovative games will always keep you coming back for more, not forgetting the high bonus rates that can make you really rich if you hit the maximum bonus provided.

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