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3 Wheel Roulette

3 Wheel Roulette

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3 Wheel Roulette

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3 Wheel Roulette

Get all the excitement you ever found in roulette 3 times more with this 3 wheel roulette online casino game. You basically increase your chances of winning three times more than when playing at a regular roulette table. However the objective of the game remains; a wheel with numbered and colored segments is spun with a ball flying up in the air stopping at any number when the wheel stops spinning. The winning bet is on the one who guessed right on which number the ball will stop on. However, this is the basic objective, but there are very many variations depending on features of each table and options of the game as well.

For the 3 wheel roulette, as the name implies, it has three wheels which increase your chances of winning by three times. Even though the ball lands on the inner wheel, the numbers direct to it on the other two wheels will still count as winning numbers. You can opt to play the game for free, that is for fun and enjoying without having to place any bets or you can opt to play it for gambling purposes. You can gamble for credits and gifts or play for real cash.

When betting, you place chips on the three wheels and the money you gamble when the wheel is spun will be divided by three, with a third of the amount being placed for each wheel. You don’t have to bet on similar numbers on the 3 wheels. There are different types of bets you can make in 3 wheel roulette which add to the excitement and playability of the game. These kinds of bets include straight bets, split bets, one-row bets, two-row bets and corner bets.

This game has excellent graphics and realistic playability that gives the customer a real life casino environment. They ensure that when the casino wheels are spun, they do it on real motion you would find in a land casino and captured on live footage.

When playing the game, you will get lots of bonuses and credits. One type of these bonuses is the color up bonus where you get an award worth 1,000 times your bet. All you have to do is place a color up bonus bet on three zeros coming up on the wheel and it is known as the triplet zero bet. There are 5 other color up bonus bets you could make and they could earn you five other bonus awards. These bets include triplet bet, betting on a pair of zeros, a straight, a pair, and a color match bet.

You can take your chances and bet on 3 wheel roulette today by visiting any recognized casino and register as a player. You might receive welcome bonus after your first deposits and this might increase your betting chances on the game as well. With the game vast chances of winning, the opportunities of making good money are very high.

The three wheel roulette gives you triple the excitement and action as compared to the regular roulette. The tripled action and super charged award potential with the color up bonus gives you more chances to make money other than just predicting on the number the ball will fall at. A single bet can see you attain over half a dozen credits and bonuses which will range from a 100x to 1000 times your bet. Not forgetting the increased chances for you to win on the actual betting too.

This particular game also provides the player with a chance of making use of side bets which can be very helpful in earning you more cash. These are the kinds of bets placed for the bonus bets like color up bets. Similarly, the half back procedure offers a player a 50-50 chance of winning when he is submitting a wager. This is a very good opportunity for those who intend to beat the house at their own game.

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