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Crazy Jungles

crazy jungles

Game Overview

Crazy Jungles
Max. Win
1.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Crazy Jungles

Crazy Jungles gives the audience a thrill of an arcade-style puzzle game which requires the skills of logic and critical thinking. The game provides three game levels, offering vibrant graphics, sound and music. It can be enjoyed by the entire family as it does not come with age overrated features. Crazy jungles has become a great title in the world of gaming. With its vibrant graphics and monkey animal graphics arranged in five feels, players get an experience to interact with jungle creatures. The players expect plenty of thrills as a display of wild timings or spins come with a bonus.

Theme of the game

The forest green color surrounds the reels with buttons that allow players to access the play table. The panel of the game comes with a standard landscape setting, providing a wider screen for a rich experience. The cast is made up of animal characters which pile on the background. The monkey, lion, vulture, and cobra represent the animal icons while the others are food icons including pineapples, bananas, coconuts, and bananas. Mixing the characters aims in increasing the challenge. The mixture of high resolution graphics, sound effects and animations create a thrilling experience.

The Arcade Mode: Entails an evil vs. good matching where points are earning on matching 3 animals of the same type. A perfect match clears them from the board. On completion of the game, one gets to rate themselves with other players globally.

Time Attack: It is a race against time to quickly match three animals before they go to “freeze” mode. The game type also allows one to rate against other players.

Infinite Mode: Get to play with no time limits and restrictions. The mode is good for first time users who need to practice or get a grasp of the game. It is also a good mode for relaxing.

What features do players get to enjoy?

Screen resolution: The setup on the screen has high resolution graphics makes it possible for users to play on the iPhone 4 and iPad.

Music and sounds: Gaming is all about the sounds and the music that comes with failures and accomplishments of playing the game. Wins are accompanied with an applaud sound which gives motivation.

Ranking: The rate platform provides players to rate themselves with other players globally. It feels good to know the rate of your playing skills rank globally.

Universal play: the game is designed to allow players to do it from anywhere. The access of the game is through an iPod. IPhone or iPad. Players globally can enjoy the same which may come in their country version. Customer center integration: The game is linked to the game center that helps players get information on the game including how to play the game and score.

Does the game come with advanced options?

Players wilting to go an extra mile and get more experience may use fifteen pay lines for (0.01 to $5) for each. The payment opens up bets for penny, medium risk and high paying players. The provision for local currency is available.

What other game features are available?

The red parrot is a reminder of Aladdin. Using the slot proves his friendliness as he counts regular with the bonuses included.

A simultaneous appearance of the slithering cobra on the 1st and 5th reels awards the player five free spins. Advanced players can trigger the spins for free creating a bonus at the same time.

The theme is not complete without the little monkey spin. A spin of three of more monkeys opens the bonus game that allows for more scores. The bonus opens on a separate screen showing a monkey sited on a pile of bananas. A choice on either pile of bananas reveals an instant win.

The overall rating of Crazy Jungle

The game provides players with an exquisite experience with additional features that keeps changing the game challenging for advanced players. The cheeky characters help in giving players a taste of jungle creatures. It is a good game for relaxing the mind, whether stuck in traffic or just waiting for time to pass. Any player who has had the experience with Crazy Jungle seeks to find more on the ever challenging game.

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