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Bingo Slot

bingo slot

Game Overview

Bingo Slot
Max. Win
6000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Bingo Slot

Bingo Slot designed by Open Bet is a 5 reel, 25 pay-line progressive slots based on the tremendously trendy game of bingo. Bingo can be traced back to Medieval Italy when the game was referred to as lo Giuoco del lotto d’Italia.

The symbols and a bingo score card you will discover in the style of this slot are the normal bingo balls just as you would expect. The game comes with 30 winning combinations formed by the symbols golden ball, purple ball, balls 1 to 8 and the bonus ball.

You can choose the music to suit your mood like all Top Game powered slots and you will be astonished by the lightning fast download times. I suggest that you try this slot game in order to see why Top Game software has developed this game.

One added bonus to this development is that you can choose your own game style of background music for this particular slot.

Apart from having an apt title, Bingo Slot provides 20 pay lines across 5 reels with a bingo motivated bonus round as well as a jackpot.

All the buttons of bingo can be found in the same place but have been premastered with styling and icons that imitate conventional bingo calls.

The reels of this fun game are bingo cards, bingo ball styled letters and numbers, two little ducks (22), sweet 16 love hearts, one little duck (2( and one traditional bingo hall icon. Until a win is recorded, each remains stagnant, the balls just flash while the others provide extraordinary animations like the bingo card being vigorously smeared and the two little ducks swimming.

When the reels spin, sounds are pretty standard for the fact that OpenBelt has added some fanfare and excitement when wins eventually roll in.

One great and interesting thing about this beautiful and fun game is that it has room for all categories of gamblers. As a matter of fact, you can the machine up to begin playing from 0.02 per spin and you have the option of playing 1 to 20lines per spin.

On the other hand, Bingo slot includes a supplementary gamble button. You can gamble and win by guessing the right color or suit if you will like to try your luck.

Features of Bingo Slot

The Wild card can substitute for any ton apart from jackpots and scatters as it seems to appear more often multiplying the wins by 2, 5 or 10 times. This is the quite the most common feature on bingo.

There are 3 or more scatter symbols that trigger the free spins with super wilds and multipliers, a spin 3 usually scatters for a 2x multiplier, spin 4 will scatter for a 5x multiplier while 5 will scatter for a LOx multiplier.

Although the bonus round of this game is rare, it is triggered by 3 or more bingo hall bonus tons. You can win something from 25 to 10,000 times your stake during this multiple choice round.

Bingo slot is your best bet if you are looking for where wins come little but more often. The wild card offers a lot of winning action and the gamble feature will assist in spicing up smaller wins.

Here is how you can win huge jackpot at online bingo:

1. Endeavor to choose games that encompass the smallest number of players. This is necessary because you have less opportunity of winning, when the games are crowded. On the other hand, your chances of winning increases, when the room is relatively empty. Many bingo rooms have as small as 10 players at any one particular time; while other rooms have more than 300 players.

2. You need to practice to get yourself familiarized with the games and other related procedures. Don’t expect to win much in the first couple of weeks of playing. You have the opportunity of playing in our tournaments or free games available online to get yourself accustomed. The only thing is that you must ensure that you discuss with other players to share your experiences with them.

3. Some of our games have extraordinary bonuses that you can win. Sometimes these take the form of bonus balls where you will win bonus points when you have a bonus ball and the ball is drawn at some stage in the game. These frequently convert into free tickets.

4. Aim to purchase your tickets in the highest denominations when playing at an online bingo hall. This is because you will win more money, in a situation where you play the more expensive cards. On the other hand, you can as well lose more money if you fail to win. Therefore, be careful!

5. Before playing at all, make sure you read through the reviews of that site to know from other players what the site have to offer. Play your games on a reputable site like our own and avoid newly launched sites until they have become popular.

6. Avoid playing with many cards in any one game. You need to be able to keep track of all your tickets, if you want to enjoy your bingo experience. Consequently, you need to budget your ticket buying to your bankroll as you don’t want to spend your money too quickly. The more tickets you purchase, the greater your opportunity of winning.

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