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Grandmas´s Attick

Grandmass Attick

Game Overview

Grandmas´s Attick
Max. Win
7.500 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Grandmas´s Attick Review

The fact that online casinos are great for amusement is an understatement. Their popularity is increasing as the day moves on. New and interesting game and coming to the forefront and the makers of these games are trying to make the themes and bonuses quirkier than ever.

Today the article is going review one such interesting and fun-filled game known as Grandma’s Attic. So stick around guys as the fun is just about to begin!

About the game

This game is another interesting and engaging slot game from Rival and is known by the name of Grandma’s Attic. The game comprises of one of the quirkiest themes and background accompanied by some funny music. In fact these qualities of the game will bring a smile upon your face.

The entire game is build upon a quest. That quest is what you can find in Grandma’s attic. The objects are unspecified and can be anything. It can be some normal objects such as a place, dusty chair and air chair and also mice. The game also involves other elements such as a King’s crown, skeleton keys, rubies and gems as well as an original skeleton. The prospects of finding things are limitless, here on Grandma’s attic and it makes you wonder about how she got all those stuff in the first place! The story has to be gripping, that is for sure!

There are about 5 reels and about 15 lines on the game and you will get the benefit of taking benefit of incentives such as wild insignias, bonus game offerings, multipliers and also cost free spins. Plus not to mention, the focal point of the game is the A $37,500 jackpot incentive. In fact this is what makes this already impressive slot game more intriguing than what it appears to be.

In terms of the graphics, it is alluring to the eyes. The most important aspect for every game is to not its gamers become bored and most of the onus is bestowed upon the graphical presentation of situations and also on the gripping plot. Sound can also be included in that list. The game developers of Grandma’s attic has focused efficiently on all those important requirements and hence forth you time with this game is going to be nothing short of fun and enjoyment.

The bonus features

There are also some goodies present for you during the course of your game experience. Here are those benefits which you get the chance to avail!

You get free spins

In the wardrobe scatter it is extolled or inscribed with phrases such as free spins and by putting three or even more wherever you look and that will allow you to avail about 10 spins absolutely free!. Whatever wins you manage to stack up during this level or stage will get multiplied three times. Plus there is also the change of re triggering off the spins by put ting another three scatters.

You will get Skeleton key incentives

One of the most visible bonuses which you will come across during the course of the game is the Skeleton key symbol. They will be present at about anywhere on the reels. If there is three of more skeleton key insignias present on the reels, then this will trigger the feature off. This is quite impressive and the best part is that it gives you the chance to earn cash and also you will be put into an attic comprising of numerous chests.

In that attic all you will have to do is pick a chest in order to check out the prize and if you happen to be fortunate then the chest will have a key which will allow you to one more. However if you end up the less fortunate and do not manage to find any additional keys, then the round is finished for you.

How to play?

In order to get started, you will have to use the spin controller and wait for the profitable combinations to come. They will appear on 15 pay lines and selecting the digit which you want to play with, you can start. The wins are paid from left to right as per the setting of the pay table. You will get numerous present offerings which you can use to decide the amount which you want to win. Simply select the coins and their different values and multiply that for wins. Also you can also get inside the bank using the Max Bet benefit.

The game is simple and based on the number and nature of symbols which you choose, you will win. So you will have to select properly.

Tricks and tips of the game

You will have to find skeletons, crowns and many more to allow you the scope of winning about 750 coins. One smart tip which you can use is that- if say you are on a low roller, you will he excited to find out that different features are prompted by scattered insignias. This means that you still have the chance of reaching them using one pay line of the total of 15. The prizes which you win will be calculated less accordingly.

Another thing to note down is that 3, 4 and 5 bonus insignia launches different bonus rounds and that allows you to make a fortune. These are some tips which you can make use of during the course of your game experience.


This slot game is offered by most online casino portals. They are fun-filled and comprises of a gripping plot. There are many who state that it is actually worth playing? Well the truth is that the game has no such visible flaw and so it all boils down to what a person wants to play. There are many high quality games which some people aren’t aware of. So the same is applicable here.

The game is great for people of all ages and the reviews state that it is extremely hot in the market right now!

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