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Max. Win
500 coins
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Free Spins

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Goldenman Review

Online casino games are getting popularity day by day. This is the story in every country. Among those games Goldenman is one which many are talking about it because it is an iron man game. There are numerous fans of the Marvel franchise and they constantly sit in front of the internet to find out the latest games featuring their favorite super-hero.

About the game

Goldman not just gives iron man a new dimension, but also makes you experience a whole new level of online slots. For the game developers, iron was not good enough and hence they have upgraded it to something more expensive and enticing- namely gold! So the name iron man got transformed to Golden man! The main premises of this super hero themed game are the golden crime fighter along with some riveting action.

Golden man, the slot game comprises of a five reel along with twenty play line. The total reels, the buttons as well as the surroundings are made of gold. The main symbols are an atomic logo, a few gold bars and also a red ord. Other alluring factors of this game are the high class weapons and also the three characters namely- Lisa Lode, Tim Karat and also Fool’s Gold. The animation is also superb, though in some places you will find that they are subtle and tiny. The game is great for enjoyment and the best animated part comes in the bonus part when you will have to shoot the jets, static ones off course. You will find that there exists a dark and dangerous backing track accompanied by a drum roll when you spin the reels as well as the cymbal crash when you make a winning combination.

The bonus features

You as a player will experience numerous benefits when you play this game. Here are lists of a few of its bonus features:

You get free spins

If you are playing the game for the first time, you will get free spins- about 15 spins for free. When you happen to play the game by landing three or even more of the Goldman symbols will be scattered just about anywhere upon the spinning reels. The wild insignia will expand on the first, second as well as third reels at the time of spins. The rounds are pretty basic and there exists a three times multiplier for the number of wins you manage to pull off in a single round.

You get bonus from Fool’s gold

In the game, Fool’s gold is your enemy. As you are on Goldenman’s side, so you will have to face him. In this game, three or maybe more landings of Golden man are triggered of and that is scattered anywhere. You will get three slots win which you will have to use to eliminate fighter planes approaching. Each of those approaching planes has a prize. If you play with the most amounts of coins as well as lines, then you will get the benefit of one more slot.

How to play?

There are mainly three things which you will have to keep in mind- The coin size, the coins per line and also the cardinals of lines. The least amount you can play with is 20c and the largest is $50. Auto play option is also available to you. The symbols which you will desire seeing are that of the rocket. The expanding wild will cover the three rows whenever it collides. At the time of regular play, it only appears on the primary reel.

The complete Goldenman’s face is the main insignia and on hitting 5 of a kind will allow you to gather 500 coins. If you hit 4 you win 150 coins and if you hit 3 then you win 25 coins. The fool’s gold is the next in the list of gathering coins. You win 300 coins for 5, 100 coins for 4 and 15 coins if you hit 3. Tim and Lorna follow with 250 and 200 when you hit 5 consecutively. Flying Golden man is the bonus insignia and if you manage to stick 3 or more then you will win the break out of the game for hitting the static jets. The last insignia is that of Golden man showing his palm having a purple dot. If you manage to strike three you can win free spins, 15 of them!

Playing tips for the game

If you are finding it somewhat difficult playing, as you cannot afford it, then it is advisable to play with all the ten coins and 20 pay lines as in that way to will be able to win that extra slot.

Another tip for the gamer is that when you find three or more flying Golden man symbol coming on the reels, you have to activate the bonus game. You can win prizes for each jet you are successful in destroying. Every jet you obliterate will prompt a power supply sub bonus feature meaning more scope to win.

Always make sure that you play with the maximum bet as that will allow you to get four slots rather than just three.


The game is a wonderful option to go for. There are superb bonus features to enjoy. If you are a fan of the Iron man series, then you will definitely love this new and latest edition of Golden man slot casino game. You can play it and enjoy the mind blowing graphics. You will have to make a deposit at the websites where you play the game. You can choose not to do so, but then no pain no gain. Means you won’t earn much if you do not invest at least a few. The game is quite popular and the reviews about it are also quite good. So, add some money and get started today to try out your luck.

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