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Gobblers Gold

gobblers gold

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Gobblers Gold
Max. Win
7.500 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Gobblers Gold Review

In these days, online casino games have become very popular amongst all, especially among those who want to earn easy money. They do not get time to play at the real casinos. Casino game developers offer numerous excellent gaming opportunities that enrich the casino gambling experience. Gobblers Gold is one of the most popular casino games among people where age does not matter. People of every age love to play this game. Gobblers Gold is full of fun and numerous unique features. Now you may want to know why is it so popular. Let’s have a look at this game...

What is Gobblers Gold?

This is the very common question asked by people. There is a brief history behind the creation of this game. The game is centred around the society in the early 17th centuries. Graphics and music are beautifully designed. Easy control, smooth sound effect, and amazing graphics have made this game unique from others. There are numerous other interesting features as well. This is actually a rival game with contains five reel and twenty slots of pay line. These twenty pay line slots were used to make all the pilgrims of early age more enjoyable that they actually were. At the starting of the game you will have some symbols such as apple, pumpkin, sweet corn, cake, pile of fruits, straw, a house and a female pilgrim. Moreover, you will find out some other symbols while playing such as turkey as a wild symbol and two male pilgrims as scatter symbols. This is how the Gobblers Gold is. There are some extra very interesting bonus features. Let’s have a look at all the bonus features:

Bonus Features: Game developers also have incorporated so many bonus features in this game which made this game more interesting. Playing with bonus features will be added advantage for you. Here are the bonus features and benefits of playing with these:

Mayflower Bonus: This one of the bonus features which will help to win the game. This is one of the most important keys to win this game. In this game you will have an area full of pumpkins. You have to pick up pumpkins one by one until you find a pumpkin which will give you a prize. Mayflower will help you to find out that particular pumpkin which contains a bonus for you. After finding out that particular pumpkin bonus points will be added. This Pumpkin bonus game will provide you a chance to earn up to 30,000 coins which sometimes exceeds the first prize amount.

Free Spins: This is also very important bonus feature which plays a very prominent role to win this game. You will have two male pilgrims who act as scatter symbol. Only these two male pilgrims can trigger this bonus feature which will provide you a chance to win the following things:

  • Three Pilgrims- Ten spins
  • Five Pilgrims- 100 spins
  • Four pilgrims- twenty free spins

Landing according to the number of above mentioned pilgrims will give you free spins and more number of landings of pilgrims will give you more number of free spins which can lead to 3X multiplier. Here you will always get chance of free spins.

Wild Turkey: Game developers have incorporated a wild turkey as a bonus feature. The wild turkey will give you the opportunities to win more number of coins. More the number of turkeys, the more will you get coins.

  • One turkey- 2X multiplier
  • Three Turkeys- 4X multiplier
  • Two Turkeys- 3X multiplier
  • Four Turkeys- 5X multiplier

You will get all the above-mentioned bonus features while playing the game. Use this bonus features and get a chance to more coins and win the game. Let’s have a look at how to play this game?

How to play?

Control of this game is very simple. Gobblers Gold was developed by Rival Casino software. It contains an autumn theme with amazing graphics and music effect. Main aim of the game is to win money with the help of free spins. To win money, you just have to press the play button. This game contains five reels and 20 pay line. Best part of this game is that you will get a chance to change the pay line.

The developers have also incorporated so many beautifully designed symbols. You just have to collect at least 3 to 5 symbols to harvest. You have to set a goal to win 2 to 300 coins per spin. Moreover, there are few bonus features such as Mayflower, Free Spins and Wild Turkey. These symbols trigger some unique features which will help you to win more money. You can make lots of money through the bonus features. You have to play this game strategically. Planning before starting the game will give you an added advantage. Some tricks and tips are given below which may help you to win lots of money:

Tips and Tricks to be followed

As previously discussed this game contains so many symbols which includes different types of functions. You may face difficulty to choose the right symbol which will reveal prizes for you. First of all, choose symbol intelligently. There will be no necessity to use all of the symbols because scatter symbols contain maximum of the beneficial features. You can choose only scatter symbols. You will be provided with the 5 reels and 20 pay line. So, if you choose one line, then also you will have the same chance to play the with bonus features which only help you to earn lots of money. Choosing symbol is very important to win the game. So, choose symbol in this way so that you will get the chance to play bonus games. Play intelligently, earn lots of money and enjoy the game.


Gobblers Gold is not only a simple game; players may come to know about the history of 17th century. This game has beautifully designed graphics as well as its music and animation made this game very popular. So, this is worth playing and earning easy money at home. This game is worth a try!

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