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Global Cup Soccer

global cup soccer

Game Overview

Global Cup Soccer
Max. Win
2.500 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Global Cup Soccer

Does it really matter to try different types of slot games if you are in love with casino games! Maybe you always crave for trying new exciting games or you a soccer fan. Whatever you are, Global cup soccer is the perfect game for you. It is created by a world-leading casino game developer. You will never regret taking a chance at the global cup soccer game.

The theme of the game makes it more attractive. By the name, perhaps you have understood that the famous slot game is based on the World Cup theme. It comes with all soccer symbols. You will get silver, gold and bronze game medals, referees and of course soccer balls. To take you close to the reality of the World Cup theme, it has been surrounded by the national flags of the soccer world cup candidates.

Feel the charm of this game when the world cup is going on or the soccer season has started. Great graphics and overall excellent gaming experience that you will love for sure. If you can place maximum bets on the game, the top jackpot of 2500 coins is all yours.

Basic features of Global Cup Soccer

It is a simple slot game. The global cup soccer has 3 reels and 1 playline. Because of that, it is very understandable and easy for players when they start betting. Moreover, it’s very easy to see what they are going to win. This specialty of this game makes it more attractive to the players as well. The symbols are medals such as bronze, silver and gold along with soccer balls and referees.In this game, a player can bet from 0.01 to 5 and for that, your maximum bet will be 15. You can bet up to 3 coins per line. You are going to have 12 combinations of the jackpot in this soccer game.

Payouts will be explained on the left of your table, and after you win something, you can see what you have won and the expected payout by the graphics of the game itself. So, after you start spinning, you can easily play this slot game. You will get the lowest payout if you get at least one soccer ball in a spin. After that, any combination of bars will pay a 15.1 jackpot. Until you have reached the three coins maximum bet, the jackpot will be increased. And the good news is if you get a unique combination of bronze, silver and gold, this will give a raise to the jackpots. A player can grab jackpots three times or five times the standard payments by using this particular combination. Be ready to claim the maximum prize worth $12500. You can grab the bonus money as well. Many online casinos give some decent bucks to all of their new gamers. In some casinos, there is a great offer like, if you only sign up and create your account within a certain duration of period, you will get a bonus amount up to $120. But obviously, these types of offers are limited. You have to fast enough to bag that amount.

How to play 

As a player, you certainly won’t face any difficulty with the gaming procedure and to set the game-plan. There are flags of different soccer powers, including USA, England, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, New Zealand and many more in the slot machine. You will have symbols like soccer balls, referee, bronze trophy, silver trophy, gold trophy, single bar, double bar and triple bar as well.

To start the game, at first you have to select a coin value. Available coin values are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $5.0. Now choose the amount of coins you want to bet on. Remember, you can choose up to 3 coins only. To play with all the three coins you have selected, start spinning using “Bet Max”. It is not necessary at all that you have to play with all three coins every time you bet. If you wish, you can play with fewer coins. To play with fewer coins, use the “Spin” button to spin the reels. Though it will be good for you if you always play using three coins at all times.

The referee symbol is the top fixed jackpot on Global Cup Soccer. If you get three of that symbol, a 2500 coin jackpot will be yours. The soccer ball is the second largest jackpot. It’s worth 600 coins. You will have 12 different types of winning combinations in Global Cup soccer. If you list them along with a 3 coin prize, it will look like this - 3 referees (2500), 3 soccer balls (600), 3 gold trophies (300), 3 silver trophies (240), 3 bronze trophies (180), 3 triple bars (120), 3 double bars (90), 3 single bars (60), 3 of any trophies (30), 3 off any bar symbol (15), 2 soccer balls (15) and 1 soccer ball (3). You will get a 3x multiplier on payout with one of each trophy and 5x multiplier upon winning the bronze, silver or gold trophy.


Undeniably, this is an addictive game for all soccer loving fans. The straightforward and classic slot machine is designed closely to match the real life world cup atmosphere and can give the players the ultimate fun while playing. Not only that, mind-blowing graphics and awesome music will definitely uplift your mood. This slot game is easy to play and you can see your hits instantly. Thus, it becomes more exciting and more interesting for you. Plenty of ways to win jackpots with high amounts. Live the real world cup with the Global Cup Soccer slot machine. Realistic design, user-friendly direction and enough jackpots to win. You will never regret to spin again and again. Aside this, you may get bonus prizes if you create your account in some casinos at a special duration of time. They keep on offering new bonus prizes for their new players. Don’t miss the chance. Play your favorite game and take home the jackpot.

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