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Future Fortunes

future fortunes

Game Overview

Future Fortunes
Max. Win
5.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Future Fortunes Review

There are numerous slot games which are available online. They are extremely popular and with the kind of benefits which it gives out, the prospects are all the more, heart-enthralling.

About the game

It is always nice to know about a slot game which thinks about you and takes your accounts into consideration. This is especially applicable for players who are a bit superstitious. The Future Fortune which is designed by Rival Gaming is a game with such features. It comprises of numerous references and future predictions and playing with this one, is both fun-filled and gripping. This game is extremely popular for the designs and the customer review says about this a lot. Every time you engage with this game, it is sure to give you that enjoyment which you seek for.

When speaking of Future Fortune, it plays out with twenty pay lines and five reels. There is a specific pattern about the background which is so much like story telling. You will find that various future predictors will give their predictions. The different symbols are kept in place and the not so serious but beautiful pictures add spunk to the entire thing. It represents the industry in its truest form. The symbols include- the palm of one hand, a Nostradamus, one freemasonry symbol, oracle, the future predictor, one fortune cookie, Mr. Oman, one eight ball and also a gypsy caravan. Apart from that, there are some special symbols such as a couple of scatters, a crystal ball, an Ouija card and some tarot cards which comprises of the distinctive game incentives that it has to offer.

As far as the graphics are concerned, there are some mind blowing special effects which you will love about the game. There is an entirely mystical world which you will find here and the feeling which you will experience is totally something awesome. The images are bold and clear and sound which accompany the entire setting and plot is also soothing. Along with that, there are jackpot bonuses such as thousands of coins which you can win during the course of the game. The game is universal and that means that it differs in its wages from one cent to five cents and this in turn makes it a superb option for both high rollers as well as modest players.

The bonus features

The game allows you to win some superb bonuses as you play different stages of the game. These are strategically placed to make the game interesting and engaging for gamers of all ages and capabilities. Here’s a look at some of the benefits which are provided by the game. Follow closely;

You get free spins

There are no prizes in this game to be honest but the game still gives you the benefit of some free spins and is seems that it is quite welcomed by the gamers who engage in this. These free spins are mainly triggered off by adding three of maybe more from the Ouija cards which are scattered anywhere on the reels and if that takes place then you will get about five free spins as incentives. You may feel that is not much but with reel one being completely wild and insane in the longevity of its spin and with two more symbols needed for a win indicates that there is a win guaranteed in every spin. This makes things interesting and makes it amusing as well as gripping for gamers like you.

You also get tarot bonus rounds

There is a little bit of interactivity associated with this game and this specific round is mainly prompted by the descend of three of maybe more tarot cards which get distributed art any given place of the reels. You will be displayed a screen upon which exist one face up card and a couple of face down cards. You will have to select the one facing down matching the one which is showing upwards.

You have to get it right here as on doing so will take you to the next round which comprises of three down facing cards. If you manage to guess one correctly, then you will get the chance to win a jaw dropping prize. But on the other side of the coin, if you end up guessing wrong, then the round will end there and then. So just keep your fingers crossed while making these decisions as it is a make or break situation for you.

How do you play?

One interesting thing about the game is that Mr. Oman. He will keep you in great company through your stay in the game. In the game, the player can bet from as little as 1 cent to about 10 cents/coin. The play lines are about 20 from which you can win as less as 20 cents/spin to $20/spin. There is about 5000 times of jackpot amount waiting for you, if you can manage to get all five crystal symbols. There are some instruction manuals as well as a game play preview which will let you know graphically about how to play the game properly.

Tips and tricks of the game

  • One smart trick which you can make use of, is that to try and make the maximum wager as this will help ensure that you win big.

  • If you find 3+ bonus symbols occurring almost any place on the screen at the time of the base game and that will enable players to attain the bonus level

  • Also when 3, 4 or 5 free spins, symbols take place anywhere on screen at the time of the base game, you will get awards such as free spin.

These are some of the important features which you have to consider while playing the game.


The game is enthralling and is one of the most popular slots in the game. There are some superb features which you can avail and the bonus offerings are also great. The graphics are also superb and will appeal to you.

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