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Fantastic Fruit

fantastic fruit

Game Overview

Fantastic Fruit
Max. Win
400 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Fantastic Fruit Review

The casino games are preferred for the huge fun and excitement. It is believed that online gaming has changed the betting and gaming trends in the world. It has been noticed that majority of the players looking for the best games online prefer to pick the slot games. Are you interested to play an excited game? It is recommended to check the Microgaming options. There are so many considerable options available for the players.

The Fantastic Fruit is an interesting opportunity having so many types of fun. This game is a complete slot for the huge fun. The surface of the game contains numerous attractive graphics and screenshots. It has been noticed that there are different types of fruits involved in this game. As the name indicates, there are three major fruits (also major symbols). The players will try these delicious fruits to enjoy the considerable slot benefits. It is required to get the details about each fruit. This knowledge will definitely help the players to determine the level or height of success. If you are new to play the Fantastic Fruit then you must check the video before loading it for betting.

About Fantastic Fruit

The Fantastic Fruit is a prominent presentation by the Rival Gaming. As a matter of fact, this game developer is famous for the slot game production with interesting and attractive features. Almost all the slot games produced by this company are present online. The online casinos prefer to present Rival Gaming productions in order to attract the players. The basic of Fantastic Fruit is very simple. No doubt, the reels and pay lines are present in this game but players will take more interest in the graphics and sounds. The reels spin and produce a special sound like a landing of space craft.

Game rules

The payables are important in this game. Information about the game rules is available with the game package. The game introduces the services and features in detail when a player loads it. Don’t forget to collect basic information about the Fantastic Fruit. It is necessary to take care of the fruit values. As a matter of fact, the game scores and coins depend on the number and type of the fruits.

Game trends

The players can easily find this online slot. Visit your favorite online casino to load it. The game is popular and famous that’s why it is not difficult to enjoy it. Find the coins and play with them. The BAR symbol is very important because it is a low value option. Among the fruits the cherries are very prominent because of the highest point value.


Always take care in the matter of betting. Play a bet according to your account balance. Never try to play a big bet in start.

Bonuses and promotions

There are several types of bonuses available. The Fantastic Fruit gives an amazing multiplier to the players. A special Handful point in the form of free spins and rounds is offered to the regular players.

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