If playing an online casino game is your favorite thing to do in your spare time, you should take a look at this new casino named Manhattan Slots. The new online casino has started to operate since the 2004. Despite being new, the online casino offers such a different casino experience with a New York colorful scene as its main theme. The game itself has been licensed by one of the best licensing institution, the real time gaming or RTG. With 24/7 customer service support, you will be tend carefully by their casino slot especially knowing that they are big on customer safety.

Fair Gaming Policy

Playing casino games on Manhattan Slots will always be safe and secure. Manhattan Slots is known to always prioritize fairness, reducing the chance for you to be cheated or cheat when playing the slot. With the latest technology of RTG or Real Time Gaming, there is no possibility for you to predict or counting the number of the slots. All kinds of procedure have been used to ensure fairness in the game including the gaming labs certification which is taken regularly by the Manhattan Slots to guarantee the fairness of the casino.

Responsibility of Gaming secured

Other than fairness, Manhattan Slots is also a casino which prioritizes responsibility of gaming. First of all, this UK based online casino company always ensures that you are in the right age to play the game. Underage gambling is a huge problem that is why Manhattan slots always make sure that you are not under eighteen years old before playing the slots. In order to support their players and avoid them from playing the game irresponsibly, Manhattan Slots can make it sure with two different ways.

First of all, it is possible for you to ask for Manhattan Slots to eliminate your account completely from their e-mail list. This will help you to put a brake on yourself when you are not capable of gambling anymore, especially in regards to your financial condition. You can also ask Manhattan Slots to set a deposit limit on your account, which will make it easier for you to budget your casino spending.

Daily Promotions

What sets Manhattan Slots apart from any other online casino is the fact that they always offer daily promotions. There are different kinds of promotion that you can get on a daily basis. The manic Monday bonus will allow you to have twenty five dollars chip worth of bonus if you can get the manic Monday bonus four times. On Tuesday Shopping Spree bonus, you will be able to get a seventy percent bonus if you deposit a total of a hundred and fifty dollars.

The classic Wednesday bonus will give you the chance to win up to around seven hundred dollars in that day. And on Thursday movie night, you will have a 67% chance of getting your 25% budget money back if you can play the game right. And the biggest one yet, you can gain the Friday cocktail even bonus on Friday. This bonus will give you the chance to have a seven hundred dollars’ worth of bonus. All of these bonuses can be acquired if you are willing to play with Manhattan Slots and becoming a loyal player. To register as their player, you can go to the site and register.