Today, having a good time is only limited by the creativeness of a person so do not limit yourself. Playing at a casino does not mean that you’re a gambler; in fact it’s a good way to exercise your mind, have a good time and make some extra cash when you are fortunate. While big names in the hotel and restaurant industry have the conventional online casinos in their hotels and restaurants, bigger names have moved away to taking their services on line for the convenience of their customers hence widening their customer base while providing quality services. Such is the online 5Dimes casino. Let this 5dimes casino review be a stepping stone to finding the best online casino experience.


Before you begin this epic journey you will need to be a fully registered member at the 5Dimes. Do not fret about it; it’s easy to join in. Visit the official website and fill up the registration form. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email with your user id which you use to open a 5dimes account.

Actualize your wishes

This casino has a wide variety of your favorite games. For instance Slots, Caribbean studs, video poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack 21and roulette. Isn’t that a good collection? To play, you can either download the game and Play or play right away without downloading depending on your preference. Enjoy your best at the comfort of your home with your favorite slice of pizza by your side. Moreover, you can play for free or for money. Play for fun at no extra charges but if you feel lucky go with the latter one and enjoy some great bonuses with every deposit you make.

Why the 5Dimes casino is most sought after


Firstly, the mangers have taken extra measures to enhance security of the clients’ money. All transactions are locked up with hard to hack or crack encrypted codes. Be sure that every deposit or withdrawal you conduct is safe. Any winnings can be directly deposited into your bank account wit out any hustle. The employees are at your service at any time of day. The Online tournaments held are an incentive to many as there is a guaranteed heft prize to be worn daily. Also the first-timers will be rewarded with 4 tournament vouchers at their primary deposit. That is a good welcome gift for you.

Additional benefits

This 5Dimes casino review clearly outlines the bonus that you might expect Monday through Friday; baccarat zero, reversed commission Pai gow, radical roulette, 100X craps and 2-1 blackjack blow-out, respectively. The player decides which to opt for. After all a good deal is not as sweet if there are no extra gains. For instance on Thursdays you can increase your odds by 100 times the original bet or boosts your payouts to $1.05 up from $1.02 on Tuesdays. All the best!

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