Many people that have signed up to the 7Spins casino attest that the first reason why they registered is the new-comer package. Of all the online casinos, the 7Spins has beaten them all with regard to this package. This lucrative sign up gift guarantees a bonus for the first three deposits that you make. This 7Spins casino review will break it down for you. To begin with, you get a bonus of $15 immediately you open an account with the casino. Following your first, second and third payments, you will receive 350%, 250% and 200% bonus respectively. To make sure that you clinch these great offers ensure that your first deposit is above the minimum $25.

7Spins bonuses

As you play along, the bonuses and promotions keep on getting better and within a short time you may find yourself with a V.I.P card, implying that you are loyal to the casino and hence will have added benefits such as free play time, cash back rewards not forgetting daily incentives.

7 Spins promotions tend to change from time to time therefore it is not uncommon to hear someone say they received a different sign up bonus from yours. These bonuses will be awarded according to the current advertisement at the time of your registration. In some cases, you may find that you have more than one marketing bonus without charges. Do not be too quick to thank your ancestors for that extra one. This is because the casino will only acknowledge the initial promotion that you received.

Games and slots

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that these bonuses are only ploughed back. When you are awarded, the only thing that you can do with them is to use them to play. They can neither be exchanged for other items nor be withdrawn. Regardless of the wide variety of assorted games in 7spins casino, you can only use your bonus to play in only a few of them like Slot, video poker and pull tab. The bonus money you get from taking part in the promotions will be converted into real cash only if you won from the slot machine. Therefore do not play video poker and expect to get real money out of it. Instead select any of the 54 available slot games.


24/7 support

A lot has been said about the security measures as well as the round the clock customer assistance. Even so, majority of new on line players know very little about the bonuses that they will earn as they continue to play. This 7Spin casino review will explain the types, the dos and don’ts when it comes to the bonuses. As I had mentioned earlier, when you sign up for the first time you get bonuses hence the name sign up bonus. The other type is called good will bonuses; those that gives you more encouragement to keep going.

Do not be tempted to be too greedy for them. Registering more than one account will only get you in to more trouble than good. When your forty days are done, the accounts will be permanently closed and you may even be banned from accessing the casino so do not risk it.

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