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Football Mania scratch card

football mania scratch card

Game Overview

Football Mania scratch card

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Football Mania scratch card Review

Football Mania is the scratch card instant win game that is developed by popular casino software Playtech. The Football Mania cards grid will present 2 x 3 configuration as well as soccer as the theme.

Game play

Default cost of the Football Mania card is over $1, however player will reduce this cost to $0.50 and increase this to $10. Cost of card just acts as the payout multiplier. At other words, $1 card pays out over $100 will be worth over $1,000 if player had ever risked $10 instead. When player has set a stake, they may click on Play button to start. Player then will scratch prize circle & each of 6 squares individually or just click on Scratch All button. Object of this game is matching prize symbol with the symbols in grid, and it’s possible to match 6 symbols, however that isn’t the requirement to hit a top jackpot.

Some Special Features

The Football Mania game has auto play feature, which allows player to automate 2 - 99 scratch card purchases in currently established cost. Additionally, there’s the shuffle feature that player may use up to 3 times every scratch card purchase. Essentially, shuffling allows player to introduce some additional randomness to this series.

Audio and Graphics

The Football Mania has great look in it. Art style is of CGI as well as aims for the photorealism. There’re helpful audio and visual cues throughout experience, and there’re animations, which includes blimp that broadcasts top possible jackpot that helps to give scratch card the sense of energy.

Online Jackpot

Top jackpot of default $1 and scratch card is of $10,000. If player selects 50cent card, then jackpot is $5,000. Suppose player chooses $10 card, then this amount is impressive $100K.

The Football Mania game plays and looks like polished gaming experience that is something that can’t be said for several scratch cards online. Card’s configuration is the standard fare for the Playtech scratch games, however game’s energy and look helps in setting this apart. Obviosuly, the Football Mania suffers from same flaw that scratch cards do at that they won’t keep attention for long. Nonetheless, if you’ve any dollars to burn & want to take no hassle shot in $10K or $100K, you may do worse than the Football Mania. Try out free scratch games, just by going on the website.

Football Mania is the scratchie game and with football (soccer) theme. You may win over $100,000 (whatever preferred currency is) at Football Mania card game. It’s one simple game to play & fun as well. In order, to play Football Mania card game, you should first set the card value. Accessible card values in the Football Mania are at $0.50 to $10. Like with any casino game online, more you will bet, more you may win. When you have selected the card value, just hit on “Play” button and goal in the Football Mania is matching prize with 6 game panels.

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