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Derby Day

derby day

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Derby Day

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Derby Day Review

The Derby Day free Horse Racing game Playtech, is the horse race game where you can pick winning horse and one, which places to win any extra coins.

Derby Day wagering

The bets on the game will range at $1.00 up to $10.00 for every race.

How one can play the Derby Day free Horse Racing game online:

Firstly you will have to make the bet as well as watch your horses to race around a track. You may bet on Exacta or IV/V race in case you want to.

More About the Derby Day Online Horse Racing Game

Are you tired of feeling you are on a casino floor when playing all video poker games online? Feel like you have had a lot of whatever the virtual fantasy land you are in after several hours of playing slots games? Suppose you feel as if you want a big break from this traditional game online out there, you can then try out Derby Day Free Horse Racing game that can just be a solution for you to have a lot of fun!

Derby Day Horse Racing Facts

The Derby Day Horse Racing game is been structured like many virtual horse racing online games out there that are been played, except for it enables you to make a lot of bets and more types of the bets than any other games do on internet. It actually is a lot of fun to play here. Only unfortunate thing of Derby Day Free Horse Racing Game is its sound and graphics that actually feel as if they will use the update.

How you can play this Game

The Derby Day Free Horse Racing game works at 2 phases – in first one you will make any of the number of series of the bets. After that, you can activate race and see in case you have picked right horses! On a left side of home screen, you can see six horses that can race also the recent history of the races that is been represented by number of the points that they have earned. Now, it is on you to make the bets. Just by clicking on 5 tabs above a race track, you will be able to make some following bets:

  • Winner: You can pick a horse that you think can win a race.
  • Exacta: Select horses that you think can finish first & second, in this order.
  • Place: You can choose which horses that you think can finish first and second.
  • Show: Choose the horses that can finish any first, second and third number.
  • Pick IV-V: Choose which horses can finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, in this particular order.

When you have made the bets, you need to click on 'start race' button as well as watch horses to take off the sprinting for glory. Hopefully, you will come away at something very good!

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