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Casino War

casino war

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Casino War

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Casino War Review

Although casino war is not very widespread as roulette or blackjack simulations, it is simple to find the free casino war on internet. Many good tutorials & game simulators give you computer gaming opportunities, whereas many apps exist that give you an ability to play with mobile devices. Casino War is the casino game that is based on popular card kids game, “War”. Version players can find in the casinos is been modified than one that you have played as the child, however you will recognize format immediately. Whereas casual players can enjoy nostalgia aspect of the casino war, and serious gamblers will appreciate that the game gives best payout percentages in games that do not need strategy. The new casino visitors must know it means they will be as best as 20year veteran playing on a next table. The less experienced gamers may get an impression that this game has got no house edge, however it exists, which is based at what happens when tie happens.

Playing Casino War Online

Rules of the Casino War game are very simple and easy. Just like blackjack, this game pits player against house (or dealer). In many gambling establishments, game is been played with six decks. Hand ranks are same as they will be in the poker, although aces are considered as “11” and not “1”, though. Just like in original home game, suit of card doesn’t matter. In order, to start every hand, player makes the wager. When it happens, both player and dealer have to deal one card. Side that has highest card rank will win. Thus, if you are showing higher card than dealer, you will win a bet. Suppose dealer is showing higher card, then you lose your bet.


The ties can be handled somewhat very differently than they’re in a classic game. You may remember in classic game, players “go on war”. Tied cards are push and become a pot in the additional winner have all hand. Example, suppose you & your opponent draw “10” each, two tens then go in pile together on a side. Both of you receive other card. Suppose you received “8” and opponent received “7”, you will win both 8, 7 & two 10’s. At this casino version, no one wins the cards, however the bet will be the push and additional card will be dealt on two opponents. Winning hand will win original bet, however with major stipulation.

How House Gets the Edge

In casino variant, player should make the additional wager in order to continue in a hand as well as “go to war”, at such case equal wager to original bet. Let us say you have wagered $10 at original hand & both you and dealer received “10”. You will need to make the additional $10 of wager to continue at a hand. Suppose you won, then you will win even money on additional wager, although original bet will be the push.

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