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Casino Hold'Em Poker

casino holdem poker

Game Overview

Casino Hold'Em Poker

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Casino Hold'Em Poker Review

Casino Hold'em Poker gives player an opportunity to play games against the casino. AA Bonus feature, pair of Aces and higher should be unfolded on first round of the cards to cash in the Bonus.


The Casino Hold 'Em Poker is the poker variation, very much similar to the Texas Hold 'Em, which is played in Russia, Egypt, Holland, South Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Morocco, Ireland, Ukraine, Malta, Romania and Panama. It’s as well accessible to play on internet at casinos by using Real Time Gaming, Net Gaming, Gamesys, Playtech, as well as Galewind Software.

Casino Hold´em Poker Rules

Rules are:

  • Dealer gives player & himself 2 hole cards and 3 community cards that will face up on table.
  • Play starts with every player making the Ante wager.
  • Dealer then will deal 2 more community cards, on total of five. Dealer then will turn over his two cards.
  • Every player should decide to fold or call. Suppose player folds, he gives up the cards and Ante bet. Suppose player calls, then Call bet should be equal to 2 times of Ante bet.
  • Dealer should have pair of 4 and better to qualify. Suppose dealer doesn’t qualify then Ante may pay according to Ante pay table and Call bet may push.
  • Both the hands will be scored as per highest poker value for the 2 hole cards and 5 community cards.
  • Suppose dealer qualifies and player ties a dealer then Call and Ante bets may push.
  • If dealer qualifies and player beats dealer then Ante may pay according to Ante pay table and Call bet may pay one to one.
  • If dealer qualifies & beats the player, the player may lose both the Call and Ante.


Be warned Real time Gaming has the imitation of the game named Caribbean Hold 'Em. But, they pay one to one on Ante if dealer does not qualify, opposed to full Ante Bonus table. An only pay tables completely analyzed are three and four, as it takes computer about month to cycle all possible combinations. But, assuming player was following the optimal strategy in pay table three but playing under the pay table one or two, house edge under the pay table 1 will be 2.40%, as well as under pay table two will be 1.96%. Actual house edge in pay tables one and two will be a bit less and equal to thefigures.


Unluckily, there’s not any simple way to quantify the optimal strategy for the game. I will say that optimal strategy that player may raise 82% of time. Thus, only in worst 18% of the hands should player fold. Generally, these are when player has 2 singletons in a hole that are very low compared to flop, with very little or else no chance for straight and flush.

Side Bets

An only side bet I’m aware for the game is called AA+. This pays based on poker value of player's hand just after the flop.

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