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Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker Review

Caribbean Stud Poker is an online casino game which falls in the table game section and is played against a particular house and not against other players. Each player places their bets on a particular marked spot on the table and can also avail the option of participating in the jackpot option of the game. The game is activated by dropping a chip in the game slot by the dealer. All the players and the dealer then receives five cards individually which they are not supposed to reveal with each other. The player either chooses to play or to fold. The player choosing to play places his raise in the form of additional wager equal to twice the amount of his initial bet and the player who wishes to fold forfeits his ante. The dealer reveals the deal after all the players have made their decisions. The players lose if they are unable to beat the dealer. If they beat the dealer the initial bets of the players get paid evenly.

Caribbean stud poker game is very popular with the new visitors to casino, as it does not have bluffing & reading needed to succeed at several traditional poker games. At Caribbean stud poker, player will be pitted against house (or dealer), instead other players on the table. It means gamblers will chat with players & share their camaraderie, than having the adversarial roles. As it is the casino table game & not poker variant like Omaha or Texas hold’em, this game can be played on casino floor & not in poker room.

Game of the Caribbean stud poker game plays like 5card stud and many gamblers begin playing 5 card draw and 5 card stud as child, the Caribbean stud poker is quite familiar to them while first stepping in the casino. Like you may see, game was made for the casual players. Actually, legend sprung up this game was invented at Caribbean cruise bound for Aruba. Although the myth has been dispelled, it must give you the idea of type of the player often attracted to the Caribbean stud. In reality, game was invented at 1982 and shortly by David, who sold this to game designer, who introduced to Excelsior Hotel at Aruba. Caribbean stud offers both main bet and side bet. It’s a side bet that gives accumulated and progressive jackpot, although house edge on the game is much higher than main house edge bet.

Main Bet

In main game, every players gets five cards, whereas dealer gets additional five cards. All the player cards can be dealt face down. Whereas gambler will look at their cards, player will not share information with any other players at a table. The dealer’s cards will be dealt face-up, however others are the hole cards. So, after looking at cards, player should choose to fold or raise the bet. Raise bet should be twice an ante bet. Suppose player folds, they lose the ante & side bet, if side bet is made.

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