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Blackjack Scratch Card

blackjack scratch card

Game Overview

Blackjack Scratch Card

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Blackjack Scratch Card Review

Contrary to the name, this Blackjack game isn’t the true Blackjack game. It is the scratch & win game that is based on popular table game. Blackjack actually is based on multi-hand variation. There’re 3 hands in every game, and giving you 3 chances to beat dealer’s hand.


Default card value will be of $1, and you can lower down this value to about $0.50 or you can raise this at $10. This card price just acts as the multiplier. Suppose $1 card can pay out around $5 on first hand, then this win will be worth $2.50 suppose you had paid around $0.50 and $50 if paid $10. Maximum amount that card will pay out is about 10,000 times of card value, thus $10K at $1. Deal button purchases the scratch card, and there’s the auto play option, which allows you to set this game to buy 99 scratch cards. There’s also the shuffle feature that you may use up to 3 times between the purchases that essentially lets you shake up random number generator.

When round starts, player is dealt 3 hands and dealer is then dealt one, and all with 1 card face-up & one facedown. Player then will scratch their 3 hands that reveals second card and potential win amount. Player after that scratches dealer’s hand, and game determines if card is the winner. It’s possible to win 2 or 3 hands, but total potential amount of a win will not exceed its limits established earlier. There’s Scratch All button who wants brisker pace as well as less interaction.

Audio and Graphics

Playtech develops the amazing, stunning online blackjack tables like this one, they also have built the scratchcard game by using same assets, and thus everything looks very gorgeous. Unluckily, Playtech didn’t use the authentic dealing sounds instead used inferior and arcade-y alternative.

Betting Options

Blackjack casino is the dime scratch ticket. The bets on Blackjack scratch- game are from $0.10 to $100 for every scratch card. Blackjack scratch card also has betting range that is good enough for scratch card player. In order, to play Blackjack instant win the lottery game, press on “Play” button to start. Then you can either press on “Scratch All” for scratching entire card or just click on every object to scratch it yourself. Dealer then will deal you 2 cards every hand – one will be face up & one face down. Also, he will deal himself. Object is easy if you have played Blackjack in life – one and more of hands needs to beat dealer’s hand without even going above 21. You cannot hit or receive third card –2 cards is what you get. Suppose your hand beats dealer’s, then you can win prize listed in your hand.

Blackjack Payout

Highest payout on Blackjack scratchie will be 10,000X the bet. Just by winning the hand of the blackjack with top payout listed, you can win this prize. You may win over $1,000,000 playing Blackjack scratch card!

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