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Blackjack 5 Hand

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Game Overview

Blackjack 5 Hand

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Blackjack 5 Hand Review

Blackjack is world's most recognizable casino game, and allowing you play against Dealer. 5 The Hand Blackjack enables you to play five hands immediately, thus now you have got give chances of beating a dealer!

How to play

Choose your chip to bet by clicking on chip; this chip may rise indicating it’s selected for the betting. On a table there’re 5 betting circles for placing bets. Every circle is a betting area for hand of the Blackjack. Select between 1 and 5 hands to play. Whenever mouse pointer gets moved inside the circle it will be highlighted; then click in circle to place the chip at a value selected. Every additional click can add a unit (of chip value selected) for the bet. Total value of stake can be displayed with the chips. The chip values mixed on the particular bet; then click on different chip for changing selected chip value. Make use of clear button for removing all the chips from table. Suppose you wish to play all Blackjack 5 hands, you should place the chips in all 5 circles and click on Deal.

Two cards are dealt to every hand you’re playing. First of dealer's cards is been placed face down ('hole' card), second is been placed face up ('upcard'), showing the value. If dealer's upcard is ace, you have an option to take Insurance. Both the cards in hands you’re playing will be placed face up. Suppose all 5 hands are been played. Every hand is been played one at time from right. Hand played is been indicated by green cursor; game buttons relate on that hand only.

Value of hand may appear alongside the cards. At that stage, suppose you’ve 2 cards of the identical value you are given an option to split it.

If you have 2 card hand totalling at 21 (Blackjack), dealer may show the hand after other hands are been played. Suppose dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, then you win 3:2 of your stake. Suppose dealer has Blackjack, then your original stake will be returned to you & game ends ('push'):

Special plays

The special plays come as the buttons during course of this game, when you’ve an option of playing it. And 3 special plays can be featured in Blackjack5 Hand:


If dealer's upcard or second card is ace, then you are given an option to accept the Insurance before dealer views a hole card (dealer's first card and dealt face down). Suppose you accept the Insurance, dealer may check ('peek') at the hole card for the Blackjack.


Suppose your first 2 cards are of same value, then you can split them as well as place the additional bet (that is equal to original bet) for playing 2 hands than one. Each cards becomes start of the new hand. Splitting will be allowed once only, at a start of this game. There will be no splitting carried out further. Ten, Queen, King and Jack have same value; and any combination of the cards are split.

As Blackjack 5 Hand was created by Playtech, you can play it in Playtech casinos only.

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