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Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

Game Overview

Bermuda Triangle
Max. Win
1.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Bermuda Triangle Review

Keeping in mind about the stories of Bermuda Triangle, the Playtech has kept the theme about the undersea adventure. They have used the symbols such as ships, planes, dolphins, octopus and boat. Bermuda Triangle is a three reel slot machine and has five pay lines. As there are five pay lines and one coin per line, so the maximum wager is five coins. The minimum size per coin is $0.01, and the highest coin size is $5.00. The game is about capturing three ships and deep water living beings. A better winning is achieved if a player catches three, sharks, three whales or three octopuses. The betting amount for this game is low. The maximum prize can be won 1000 credits. The jackpot depends on the initial bet. It is a simple game with no wild cards, no scattered cards or no bonuses. Autoplay helps the players in various stages of the game. Bermuda Triangle always has been the place of intrigue and mystery. Playtech has made Bermuda Triangle slot machine game that will appeal to the fans of the classic slots with maritime characters.

Whereas some slot needs advanced degree in the mathematics to know what is going, it isn’t a case with Bermuda Triangle slot. So, there are not any kind of casino bonus games, gamble features, free spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers and bonus symbols. Whereas some might read this & walk away –think of this fact that with minimum bet of just single penny & limited pay lines you may cover each combination on the game for $0.25. In many other games this can cost you $20 to $30 to accomplish it. The Bermuda Triangle slot machine game is the best retro game, which harkens back to era where the slots were mechanical & not at all video based.


There’re three reels and five pay lines on Bermuda Triangle slot machine game. Minimum bet amount is just 1 penny and you may play over 5 coins per spin. Maximum single jackpot player on the Bermuda Triangle is around 1,000x. In order, to win jackpot you will have to line up 3 ship symbols on 5th pay line that runs diagonal from bottom left hand side to top right hand side of reels.


You will not find bonus round at Bermuda Triangle, but, without progressive jackpot & bonus round it leaves more of money to get paid out for regular winning bets and making Bermuda Triangle the perfect game for the low-limit & recreational slot fans It means that there’re 3 spinning reels to form the winning combinations. For each coin you put allows other pay line. When reels stop, computer checks its combinations of the symbols along every enabled pay line. The Bermuda Triangle Slots Machine from the Playtech is classic Vegas style machine game, there’re not any wild symbols.Bermuda Triangle slots is played free without even leaving the web site, thus it is one of the best game you will play at Bermuda Triangle.

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