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Beetle Bingo Scratch Card

beetle bingo scratch card

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Beetle Bingo Scratch Card

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Beetle Bingo Scratch Card Review

Based on the bingo, Beetle Bingo Scratch Card game is a favorite casino game powered by Playtech. The colored beetle acts as the bingo balls that at the starting of the games are kept in a jar. These 15 beetles have numbers on their backs. The player has to click on a jar to open it. As the jar gets opened, the beetles come out and display their corresponding number by sitting on a line. The three bingo tickets are covered by three big leaves. Five numbers is reported from these three big leaves once you scratch them. A prize value is also stated. Now the next step is to match those present in the bingo board. If all the five numbers matches, the players get the prize amount. The maximum jackpot value is $10,000 which depends on the value of the card. Autoplay is enabled where everything including scratching is done automatically.

Beetle Bingo is the animated scratch game, which revolves around many beetles in the jar. It is colorful as well as features some advanced Flash graphics that are eye pleasing. Here is a close look at Beetle Bingo game: For playing Beetle Bingo game, first select your scratch card value. It can decide how much you want to bet every game of the Beetle Bingo. The bets can be $1, $2, $0.50, $5 or $10. When you have selected the card value, hit on “Play” to start this game and once you’ve started this game, you may hit on “Shake” button on a jar at left & 15 beetles may fall out of jar. Every beetle will have number attached to it. When beetles have fallen out, you may click on “Scratch” on the 3 scratch cards for revealing game numbers. Suppose you match all 5 of numbers on card with numbers on beetles, you can win the prize. Prize of every card is listed below card’s numbers and you have 3 chances for winning!

On the other hand, when you’ve fresh card, you may hit on “Scratch All” & numbers will get revealed instantly. Beetles then will fall out of jar. As the beetle falls out it matches one of numbers in a game, and that number will get circled on a card. You may win over $100,000 playing the Beetle Bingo game. To happen this, you should play maximum bet of over $10 every card and match five numbers on each three rows of the card.

Beetle Bingo has Autoplay feature. It is found in center of the bottom of screen. Using the feature, players will be able to play over 99 games of the Beetle Bingo automatically. Also, you can stop the Beetle Bingo’s auto play feature any time you want. The Beetle Bingo game is fun scratch card game to play and it looks very good with the graphics & fluid animations, and has some good sound effects & play value. Suppose you are in playing instant win games, then try Beetle Bingo game with no download needed and $7 of no deposit casino bonus!

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