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Max. Win
10.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Azteca Review

A player is expected to retrieve some old and forgotten wisdom which is very well hidden for the king in this game. Therefore the player will match the clay discs that are checkered while collecting arcane letters that will aide in uncovering the tales of the hidden secrets. Therefore the player will be required to have a quick eye and have some skills in tactical maneuvering so as to proceed far. The game has loads of advantageous bonuses that are very useful to a player though while being timed. It has many levels for a player to scale with very awesome power-ups and special effects. This is a very good option and offer very good results and you can have a good time.

The Play

The player will launch into a quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization in a great arcade puzzle with numerous bonuses to him and a challenging edge to it. On completing the game the player gets very splendid rewards that come in handy even outside the game. This adventure will require the player to have a quick wit and skill since he will be shooting an orb into the moving chain that is made of colored balls while trying to create a sequence of spheres that have the same color, and they will vanish.

For a long time the king of Azteca, Lxtos asked the sun god to show him how he could set the people of Azteca free from evil and envy. The king Lxtos was given a very valuable tip which was carved on a stone and the stone disappeared thus leaving the population hopeless. Thus the player is now charged with locating this missing stone to save the Azteca population from its imminent extinction. To do this a player is therefore required to solve the various sophisticated puzzles with logic thinking being the stepping stone to accomplishing this quest.

This game is a very enjoyable and good game with its colorful graphic screen where the player will also be able to enjoy nice sound tracks and the sound effects. The simplicity of the game setting is so admirable with it chain of the different colored balls that are leading towards a treasure store. At the bottom of the screen a player is able to locate a gunner which he is able to control so that he can fire at the balls and finish them off before they get to the store room with the essence of time being factored in otherwise if time is over the game will be lost.

Azteca was launched on 29th June, 2009.

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