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25 Line Aces and Faces

line aces and

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25 Line Aces and Faces

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25 Line Aces and Faces

Just by reading the title of this game, you will realize it’s a video poker game version that you have never played or even heard before. Not so many people have participated in this game before and if you try it, you will be impressed a lot. Engineered by Playtech Software, there are different hands which are twenty five in number on the screen and they are all provided for you to use. Choosing or selecting these twenty five hands is not a very simple task for the people but luckily, in this game, one does not need to do so. All what one has to do is to carefully decide and choose what he or she wants to do or use any hand. After you have made a decision, it will be played on the screen using twenty five varying decks for twenty times. For those who have never played this game before, they should know that it is played in a video poker manner which is more conservative. In other words the term ‘Aces and Faces” is term which is fancier means the same as ‘Jacks or Better’, the only difference is words have been interchanged. When you have a look at the screen, you will find out that at the bottom, you are provided with five cards which you have to use them in each hand. Above the five cards, you will also see twenty four other lines of cards whereby there are six lines and twenty four columns.

After dealing with your hand and making your bet, you will have to choose whether to hold or not to hold any of the five cards that you have been provided with. For the cards that you have decided to hold, they will be placed on the twenty lines that are there. For the cards that you didn’t hold or you discarded, they are later all replaced to the main line and on the twenty lines also. Every time you hear a bell, it is an indication that a hand has won and normally, it takes a very short time for these hands to be completed. It mostly happens from bottom to the top of the columns. Since there are twenty five lines that appear on the screen, you will have to very careful when choosing a particular one. You have to know that this game is different compared to the one-line conventional video poker game hence you have to approach it in a different manner. Whenever you need to flush with one card alone, always try it because with the twenty lines that are there, you are lucky to collect for some quite a number of times since you will be favored by the odds. Unless it is a flush possibility, be careful not to throw away or get rid of a hand which is a winner already. Generally, one is normally assured of twenty five payoffs, however, the payoff amount is only increased whenever more cards are drawn. A unique feature about 25 Lines Aces and Faces is the fact that one doesn’t have to out into risks all his or her winnings. One is normally free to choose the amount that he or she has collected even though it’s only a half. Any double up game generally comes to an end whenever you click “collect’ or when you are beaten.

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