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2 Ways Royal Video Poker

2 ways royal video

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2 Ways Royal Video Poker

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2 Ways Royal Video Poker Review

At times, when video games creators some up with new games, they change and come up with new rules. This is exactly what has been done to 2 Ways Royal Video Poker by the Playtech Software who are the main creators of this game. For all those who though that that poker hand contained only Royal Flush which was the only type, they are wrong. In 2 ways Royal Video Poker, you will encounter two types of the Royal Flush and you will find out that they pay off. For this game type, you will find ‘Hi’ Royal Flush is normally the standard and is basically created by 10 through Ace which are the deck’s five highest cards and they are of similar suit. The second type of Royal Flush is known as “Lo” Royal Flush. One of the reasons why 2 Ways Royal Video Poker is popular and common in casinos is because by playing this game, you have higher chance of winning two jackpot payouts. The trick in this game is that to always win frequently, try and obtain best payouts that you require so that you can be the max.

For the settings of this game, the image of majesty and royalty is brought in a more mesmerizing manner. The fancy and elegant designs that are mostly seen are red, blue and gold. Everything is simplified in this game; the royal setting will make it easier for you to understand all the details that are important. All the things that are you might want to know or need to comprehend maybe the pay menu and also the bet size, they are easily seen hence simple to use. Since the extra jackpot has to be compensated in 2 Ways Royal Video Poker game, there are some lower payouts that are of a lower amount compared to those on Better or Jacks machine. A good example is the Full House where you will only be paid nine coins instead of the general nine coins. The good news is that for extra Royal Flash which has a big payoff in addition, there is also a return given which is more generous and is known as four-of-a-kind. In the other games, standard return is normally twenty five coins for every coin put on bet but for 2 Ways Royal Video Poker, the return is forty coins because of the four-of-kind return option. This clearly indicates that if you want to succeed in this game, the best strategy is to consider the special payoffs when you get a good opportunity.

For those who didn’t know, this game has some very special features which make it more interesting and also helps one to get an opportunity of making more money. The majority of video poker games the Royal Flush maximum return is only provided after one have played maximum coins. However, in 2 Ways Royal Flush, you will get a good opportunity to make money through huge payoffs. All the people who have participated in this game have always positively commented about. The ratings for this game are massive and it is one of the games designed by Playtech Software that has turned out to be a great success for them. Some of the players of this game are Abra Cadabra, Deuces Wild, The Curious Machine, Wild Turkey, Jason and Golden Fleece and Red Dog.

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