The Supreme Court of India has described the lottery as a bad activity or as an evil act, since it ruled the state governments and it has the rights to regulate different online products. The 3 judge bench sustained the government of Kerela to restrict the sales of online lottery tickets, thus it declares that the state has the rights to regulate the offers. The continued occurrence of the famous known single digit as well as instant lotteries along with the enticement that they offer just goes to show that it is the downfall of every household, especially those who belong to the poor families who actually bet daily and those who are earning below the minimum wage according to the bench.

Even if there is a rule mandated by the Central Government within a period of time as well as the guidelines issued recently by the court, this evil activity hasn’t been totally eradicated. There is actually an appeal over the decision for Kerela and it has been filed, the All Kerela Online Lottery Dealers Association and the state of Sikkim. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has just said that a particular online lottery ticket sold coming from the terminals in the Meghalaya state, Sikkim as well as Nagaland all violated the rules and it is because they didn’t feature the imprinted logo of the state governments and by not having been signed by the associated image.

The occurrence of the draws has been criticized as well by using simultaneous lotteries that means the draws can be held more than the regular number of times allowable in a week. By having lots of lotteries, there can be lots of drawing in just a few minutes daily and the susceptibility will still be kept that there is a possibility of buying of tickets more than what is only allowed, this is risky for an individual, because his savings might all be placed in a bet.

If the government will decide in the interest of the public and that is to restrict online lotteries, the court must not interfere with the said decision unless there are persuasive grounds. The bench has just said that they feel that they lottery is more than just a social sickness than other forms of gambling. It also said that the experience has shown that the common forms of gambling are moderately inoffensive when positioned in contrast with the extensive plague of the lotteries. The former were limited to just few people and locations, but the latter overruns the entire community, it actually enters every home, it reaches every school, it victimizes on the hard earned money of the average wage earners, it pollutes the mind of the ignorant, these are all very alarming to the authorities. With all of these, they would like to monitor and make sure that the people will not be addicted to gambling and they will not spend their hard earned money in this kind of evil act.