There is a Canadian based company named Lucky VR that is conducting a trial product to persuade punters to go digital. The software developers are now using the virtual reality or VR to take online wagering to the new level. The Canada based firm Lucky VR is now doing its trial for the products that will persuade punters to go digital in casinos, to provide them the possibility to gamble using real money in a virtual environment. There is a theory that says in a day or so, this type of gambling can offer you a more thrilling casino experience instead of going to Vegas. The players can also be engrossed without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The founder of the Lucky VR Jeff Lande believes that there is a possibility to use this technology with the same environments that real casinos cannot offer. You can directly report it anywhere, regardless if it is a Vegas Casino, Macau or on the moon. You are not limited virtually to the kind of digital locations you want to experience, he added. Even if this type of technology is still in the trial period, there are lots in the gambling world who is closely monitoring its development.

According to the head of the E-commerce of Grosvenor Casinos, he feels that it is essential for the company like this to take note and then evolve the business model if they want to stay applicable and that the online technology must take a look at the extension of the physical thrill more than a change. He knows for a fact that people do not want to adapt to changes in terms of the market in the virtual reality, but gamers do not have a choice, he added.

Using a mobile device is really essential, especially if someone is in a casino playing blackjack or any other game that they want to bring along anywhere they go. If you want to walk away from the table, you can go out with your smartphone and have the same gaming experience like what you have online. It is not just the casinos that are being altered in terms of the VR and gambling. William Hill is a famous betting company, you must be familiar with it if you are a fan of online gambling. They are currently working on a product that relives live horse races. They want the users to experience what it’s like to be amidst a race track environment and the idea came from a jockey himself.

It draws the real time data on the horses like the position, the stride length as well as the heart rate to make the punters feel like they are a part of the adventure and action. There are some people who are concerned about all of these might lead to gambling addiction. But at the moment, there is no adequate research yet that links virtual gambling into different health issues encircling the products, so how a market may be regulated is still not yet clear.