There are 2 senators from the Republican side running for the president proposed legislation. This is about banning the casino style online gambling. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, the gambling in online casinos was against the law in the US until 2011 that was the time when the Justice Department said that it was fine for as long as it was done in the state and that the online sports betting was banned. There was a proposal of the same kind that is pending in the House. That will inverse the administration of president Barack Obama’s decision in making the online casino style of gambling legal.

"Any mobile phone or PCs in the southern part of Carolina may be a video poker machine" 

At the moment, since the decision by the Obama administration, any mobile phone or PCs in the southern part of Carolina may be a video poker machine, Graham added. There will be a foremost rewrite of this long existing federal law such as this must be created by the people’s elected representatives in the Congress and must be duly signed into law by the President of the US and it must not be done in an administrative manner. He took this chance as well to question the Obama administration about the case.

The expanded gaming shows a lot of struggles in terms of the internet safety to secure the people against hackers and possible addiction, which might be hard to enforce. This statement was according to Rubio. Just in 2011, the Obama Holder Justice Dept. made an absolute bypassed of the Congress and separately decide to do a re-interpretation of the law to be able to open doors to a massive development of online gambling. The congress must restore the current embargos about internet gambling even before a public debate is launched, which will be the next step to take.

At present, there are 3 states that offer online casinos and these are the state of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Some of the other states are still contemplating to allow it as well. The proposal may also condense the sales of online lottery unlawful, but it will also enable the state lottery tickets to be on sale in person. The online horse racing betting is still legal under the legislation. According to the director of the Poker Players Alliance named John Pappas, he was so irritated with Graham when this man has introduced the legislation as the funerals start in the wake of the Emanuel AME church shootings happened in Charleston, South Cali. Pappas pointed out Graham for catering to Sheldon Adelson. This man is a GOP mega donor and he is also the owner of the Sands Casino in Vegas.

Since the nation focuses on South Carolina after the current disastrous incident. To give words about the issue, some think that most of the Americans were disappointed with Sen. Graham when he chose this time to do the advancement of the bill for the benefit of becoming a billionaire political donor, this is according to Pappas. The congress has made a decision and this is to adjourn earlier than expected, so they can still attend to the services in the homeland of Graham.