It was in the 4th of July when the very first World Series of Poker bracelet event came online. There were about 900 players who paid $1,000 just to join the No Limit Hold’Em Tournament, which was stopped with the remaining 6. Those 6 left is given a rest day or time to travel before they meet again at noon time on the 4th of July at the Rio in Vegas to finish the bracelet at a live table.

The iPoker in California is not in good shape

Mike Gatto of the Cali State Assembly has just cancelled the online poker hearing for the upcoming week that must be held before the State Assembly government Organization Committee. It is supposed to be held on July 8. He said in a short statement that the hearing for the Assembly bill 9 has been postponed, because there was no agreement yet about the issue. The lack of agreement on the other hand has been the biggest issue so far for a decade now in California. This is because there are lots of stakeholders who do not agree on how they will allocate the market.

The closest issue at the moment is if or not the online poker legislation in California must have a bad actor cause. There are some states of the Native American tribes that are keeping firm about the issue. They feel that the operators who have initiated online gambling in the said state after a particular date, but that is supposed to be by the end of 2006, must be barred from being qualified for a new license. People who fought for the bad actor clauses usually mingle and disagree, because they do not want the companies who showed the America’s law to yield through the poker industry. But the truth is that they fear the competition. Actually, the target of the bad actor clauses is the PokerStars, since it is the largest poker company that ever exist nowadays. It is the one who assumes would take charge in the market and be the leader in any state it may penetrate in.

The WSOP bracelet winners

In the 2015 World Series of Poker, it was Carol Fuchs, who was declared the big winner and the very 1st women to ever win the bracelet open. She won the Dealer’s Choice Event with $1,500 worth of prize. It was Vanessa Selbst, who won the last title. There were around twenty one women who have won the title of the WSOP open tournaments. This game is one of the hardest, so far in the World Series of Poker. On every table, there is a different dealer’s choice option that moves one time every course. The one who holds the option button will be the one to decide what game must be played for that particular round. There are about eighteen games in a game that includes the NO Limit Hold’Em poker as well as the Pot Limit Omaha along with some other not so common in games such as Big O and the 5 Card Draw.