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Gold rush

gold rush

Game Overview

Gold rush

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Gold rush

The Gold Rush is a 1-line standard slot machine which was developed by the Net Entertainment for the entertain purpose and progressive featuring a jackpot by the help of this machine.

Brief description about the gold rush game

The Gold Rush game is accessible on a Vegas-style standard slot machine with the casino in its surroundings and having a unique look of this slot machine with an existing feature and various gaming options. The 7-Bar symbol or 5-Bar symbol, Cherry symbol, Gold symbol and Mine Cart symbol were the symbol of the Gold Rush classic slot game. For an external look of the Gold Rush online slot machine, an overview is given below:

The most important gold rush betting options

The Bets on Gold Rush slot machine is set at $0.20 and you can play 1-3 coins per spin of dice. The $0.20 per spin is a lowest bet which will you can make on Gold Rush classic slot machine and the highest one is $0.60 per spin. The casino answers recommend that you can play the highest gamble at all times which is to be qualified for the Gold Rush progressive jackpot. The Gold Rush traditional slot game is huge for the thousands of relaxed players specially, through its limited betting range. For playing with the Gold Rush slot machine, firstly you have to pick your bet by striking the “Bet” option which would be followed by the “Spin” or it would also done by pressing the “Bet Max” option for playing the 3-coin maximum bet.

Gold rush progressive jackpot

If you are possibly hit the 3 Gold symbols on the pay-line on playing Gold Rush classic slot and if you have made maximum 3-coin bets then you will possible win the progressive jackpot. At the time of playing Gold Rush progressive jackpot at $1336.96,so that it was an amazing big win of a $0.60 bet and by proceeding the game would also succeed in getting 3000 coins by receiving the 3 Gold symbols off of the pay-line.

The gold rush payout schedule

There are almost 9 winning different combination on Gold Rush classic slot machine. The entire payout schedule is as follow (1/2/3 coin payouts are in addition):

  • any 3 Bar symbols (4/8/12)
  • 3 Gold symbols (2400/4800/jackpot)
  • 3 Gold symbols in window (1000/2000/3000)
  • 3 Cherry symbols (200/400/600)
  • 3 7-Bar symbols (40/80/120)
  • 3 5-Bar symbols (20/40/60)
  • 3 Cherry symbols in window (10/20/30)
  • 1 Mine Cart symbol (2/4/6)
  • 3 Mine Cart symbols (8/16/24)

The above combinations are the gold rush payout which would really help in playing with the gold rush slot machine.

At last short summary of gold rush a lot machine

The Gold Rush is a very easy, simple to play standard a lot machine. This machine wouldn’t be great if you are not looking to your whole bankroll and only want to play a few spins on a slot machine. You can successively play the Gold Rush classic slot machine at the site of the net entertainment by the help of the internet at your home and will lots of coins.

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