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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild

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Deuces Wild
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Deuces Wild

Have you been waiting to go to the casino to have a good hand at poker? You miss going to the casino and just playing some great card games for real fun and money? Won’t it be just wonderful to have something like that from your home? Won’t it be just amazing how things can be greatly enjoyed from home in the same manner as they can be in a casino? Try your luck with Deuces Wild, the game brought to you by Net Entertainment. You can win up to 4000 times of your initial bet!

The Game

This game has been designed in mind keeping the novices motivated for real card games and some casino fun. This might also serve as a quiet and simple departure from the usual rounds, for the seasoned players. You have bonuses, scatters and also wild symbols and free spins like most of the Net Entertainment games, usually come along with. The interface is very basic and is simple for use.

How The Game Is To Be Played?

The game is played like any other game of Poker. Deuces Wild lets the player make a bet from between 1 to 5 and then to make the bet turn into double, triple or the number that he likes up to, his ante. Once you begin, you are dealt with 5 cards, and once you choose which ones to hold, 5 more cards will be dealt to you. The 2’s (or deuces) can act as any other card and can be substituted for the same. Now, what you have to know is that these 2’s (or deuces) are automatically held by the player.

Pay Outs

Since the payments are based on the Pay Tables which come with the game as provided by Net Entertainment your payment is so decided and made good. You have to make real good hands to be able to get a pay out, since the ways of Deuces Wild already make the probability of winning high. Only games which give you hands like more than three of a kind will give you your initial bet, and higher hands give you more than the value of your bet; anything less, you are not very lucky.

Poker Hands

The Game of Poker is always best on hands, the better your hand, is the stronger are your chances to win and make good of your bets. Now, in this game of Net Entertainment you will have hands ranging from, Three of a Kind to a Natural Royal Flush; totally ten types of what is winning hands.

The only exception or addition to the normal hands of poker is the introduction of deuce as the wild card, you know by now how it substitutes all the other cards.

Denominations and Betting Limits

What you begin to play for fun, if is intended to be played for money, then practice the necessary caution and do so only when you are sure of the game and of your hand. The different values of coins are 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 Euro; your bet should be within 0.10 Euros to 5 Euros, depending on the level number, ranging from 1 to 5.

Like all the other games of Net Entertainment, Deuces Wild also comes with all the possible options of settings. You have the options of choosing from how to bet, how to double your bet, how to collect your earnings and of course, how to hold your hand and call. You can play at MAX BET where all the cards are dealt at once and you play for the 5th level directly; and, there is also the DEAL option which lets you to get your cards as per the rounds and levels, and you select the ones you want or think good for you.

Now play with caution and you can always try with the free version first.

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