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Crusade of fortune

crusade  fortune

Game Overview

Crusade of fortune

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Crusade of fortune

Crusade of Fortune comes with a slots machine game with amazingly striking magic and adventures. You will find the ways gloomy if you can call it so, but it sure acts as good dope for your gaming skills. The game with the chilling sound effects gets you thinking more about it, and you will definitely enjoy playing the game, as always comes up to meet the expectations by Net Entertainment.


It is a usual 5 reel, 20 pay line video slots, with all the exciting features of wild cards, spins, and scatters. The theme of fantasy is over bearing on the game and you will find orcs, elves, witch hunters, dwarves, and such other fantastic creatures and matters. The Bright Wizard is the wild symbol, the Orc, is your bonus symbol and the dwarf hammerer is your scatter symbol.

Features of the Game

Your scatter symbols determine your pay outs, in the Crusade of Fortune. If you have 3 dwarf hammerers, you will have a 3 multiplier for your earnings and so on and so forth. And, all the wins during the free spins are trebled; you will make quite a fortune of the ways of the team of Net Entertainment.

The Orcs, when feature in 3 or more times, you will trigger the bonus game, as it is the bonus symbol. This will bring you into playing a bonus round of attacking the Orc itself. And, you can choose the level of your attacks from the controls, it can be low, medium or high, and you can be either offensive or defensive in your approach. It all depends on how you want to play and what you choose. If you are successful in blocking the attacks you are of course rewarded with coins, you did a nice job; pretty way to say that, huh?

There is an Autoplay mode which lets you play many spins at the same time. You are paid only on the highest bet in the payline, not for the lower ones.

Final Win

When you keep playing you will see that you will finally slay the Orc, and then you can win an item from the treasure chest which will give the player another additional bonus sum. The game ends when either the player or the Orc dies, after 3 rounds of play. A random bonus is added to the win that you have made of the fight and you get the total winnings as you come to be done with the game finally.

You can always play Crusade of Fortune on the casinos and online websites which feature the software from Net Entertainment. This game need not be necessarily played for money. For most of us not being comfortable with gambling money, you can always play it for free on any website that you choose to your liking. Once you are certain that you understand the game play well, and that you can actually win the games that you play, only then should you go ahead with playing for real money.

While you are at it, choosing the right website to play on for real money; you should look out for websites which offer you no deposit bonuses, then you do not have to make the initial bet with your own money but with the money that the casino gives to you. This is redeemable by you, if you place the bet and win from it, you get the earnings, but you have to make a bet first to make use of the deposit.

Now, this game like all other games has the options of changing the settings and controls in the game. For all the fans of the fantasy world, you can look beyond the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, the Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings; and you can play the Crusade of Fortune. You are sure to enjoy it.

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