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Classic Jacks or Better

Classic Jacks  Better

Game Overview

Classic Jacks or Better

The best casinos to play Classic Jacks or Better

Classic Jacks or Better

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Classic Jacks or Better – How to Play

Classic Jacks or Better is a five-card draw poker casino game. It is quite difficult to understand but, once you know how to play you can master it.

Like some other draw poker casino game Just insert money or paper ticket on pay-off credit into the machine and play begins. It is not like that this is completely different game in which players have to choose the best strategy among the available list and make bet. Player must be aware with the knowledge of the different terms use in the game like Outside straight, inside straight and Penalty card.

Outside straight: - Open ended straight cards which can be completed by just one card at end are outside straight. Example: such as 2-3-4-5 can be completed either one card at front end as A-2-3-4-5 Or by card at rear end as 2-3-4-5-6.

Inside straight:A straight with missing inside one card called as Inside straight. Example: like A-2-4-5 in which card 3 is missing so, it called inside straight.

Penalty card: In some case a player must discard a potentially useful card. In exceptional situations cards you would never keep can still tip the scales in favor of one play over another. Let us discuss with the example. The player has a Queen of clubs, 10 of diamonds, 7 of spades, 5 of spades, and a 2 of clubs. The best options are to either keep the suited 10 and Queen or the Queen only. Most suitable strategy is to keep 10 and Queen in hand. These two penalty cards degrade the value of the suited 10 and Queen to below that of keeping the Queen only.

Classic Jacks or Better – List of Better Strategy

Most suitable:

  • Royal flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Full house
  • Four cards for royal flush
  • Flush

Medium Kind:

  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • 10-J-Q-K, unsuited
  • Pair of 10's or lower
  • 9-10-J-Q, unsuited
  • 8-9-10-J, unsuited
  • Four cards to a straight flush
  • Two pair of jack or better
  • Three cards to a royal flush
  • Four cards to a flush
  • 9-J-Q, suited
  • 9-10-Q, suited

Least kind:

  • J-Q-K-A, unsuited
  • Two cards to a royal flush (two suited high cards)
  • Four cards to a straight with one gap & three high cards
  • Three cards to a straight flush with two gaps and one high card
  • Three cards to a straight flush with two gaps and no high card
  • J-Q-K, unsuited
  • Four cards to a straight, open-ended
  • Three cards to a straight flush with two gaps & two high cards
  • Three cards to a straight flush with one gap & one high card
  • Three cards to a straight flush, open-ended, & no high cards
  • Two unsuited high cards (throw away the ace if you have three)
  • Two cards to a royal flush with a 10 and no ace
  • One high card
  • Three cards to a straight flush, with two gaps and no high cards
  • None of the above - drop five cards (No any chance of further)

This game is totally based on finding an optimal strategy through which game can win. The optimal strategy is the strategy which pays return almost 99% of money dealt.

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