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Caribbean stud

carribean stud

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Caribbean stud

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Carribean stud

The Caribbean stud poker is a well known and regularly played card game from Net Entertainment and it is even more popular for its unique progressive jackpot. It has a payout of about 94% theoretically. It is usually played with a standard deck of cards where a new deck of cards must be used for every new game. The winning hand will be determined according to the standard poker hands.

The Caribbean Stud Poker is known for the following hands; Royal Flush and this is 5 consecutive cards from same suits like, 10 to ace, straight flush, 5 consecutive cards from the same suit. There is also four of a kind; you can get 4 cards with the same value, Full house, 3 cards of the same value and two cards of the same value. Flush, 5 cards from the same suit, Straight 5 consecutive cards from different suits, Three of a kind, 3 cards with the same value, two pair, pair and ace or king.

Other than regular betting, there are more chances of u to emerge on the progressive Jackpot. You can see the Jackpot is indicated at the left side of the screen. The jackpot will then keep on rising until it is won. When the progressive jackpot is won, it will restart at a lower amount.

In this stud poker, the available chips that you can use to bet are 1, 5 and 10 euros. The minimum thus you can bet is 1 euro and the maximum bet you can have is 40 euros. The pay table of this particular game can be found easily by moving your cursor over the minimum and maximum sign. Payouts will always be made according to poker hands.

There are very many settings that can actually be adjusted. You can actually do this by the help of the 3 icons at the bottom left of the screen. You can turn off or reduce sounds to give you an enabling and user friendly environment as you play this game. This can easily be done by clicking the speaker icon. Incase you have any questions on the game, click the question mark which actually opens the help screen. So, some of the features that this game allows people to escort include sounds, sound effects, background music and speed.

To start this game, you have to pick a chip and place it in the Ante field. Ante thus is your first bet. If you want to bet on the progressive jackpot you just have to place a chip in that particular area. You can bet a maximum of 40 euros per game, and when you are through with betting you click Deal and you will receive 5 cards. The dealer will too receive 5 cards with one open.

This particular card game is popular in online casinos and it is a game of both luck and practice. After the cards are dealt, one can easily notice the kind of hand he or she has, and due to experience determine whether you have a high probability of winning or not. If by any chance you see that you have a very disappointing hand, it is advisable of you to FOLD and end the game while if you see that you have a very promising game, you can place your bets then. If by any chance you fold, you will have entirely failed the community looking up at you.

The Caribbean stud poker is one very interesting game since it has lots of interesting features that aid in making more money, like the progressive jackpot and the actual bet. You could lose the poker bet but however get to win the progressive jackpot. The main game can be easily found by moving the mouse over the Jackpot amount. Similarly, it is good to note that the payouts are done according to poker hands.

Play Caribbean stud poker at recommended casinos that support Net Entertainment for your chance to know these and much more plus get to make real money of these casinos.

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