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Blackjack professional series

blackjack professional series

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Blackjack professional series

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Blackjack professional series

This is one of the most exciting casino games provided by Net Entertainment, renown online casino software providers. Blackjack professional series differs from other blackjack games in that it has an exciting 3 hand inclusion in it. It also has a welcoming 3D look and an amazing fell with state of the art animations on the cards and the Double Jack side bet. This way a player can opt to play one to three hands against a dealer depending on his or her likes. Similarly, they can bet up to the maximum hand limit that can be attained on each hand. Other than that, players can also decide to place a side bet before initiating the deal. This bet, the Double jack sidebet, is usually played on the first two cards in a blackjack hand. This bet can offer a maximum win of about a hundred times the bet.

It is no doubt that netent has really developed the gaming standards of blackjack by pumping a fresh blood into it by the inclusion of this side bet. Winning the Double jack bet requires you to be in possession of two jacks in your initial blackjack hand or at least a jack as the first card dealt. You should note that spades are usually dominant in blackjack Pro and you might find the maximum side bet reserved for two jacks. However any side bet cannot be more than the initial blackjack bet for that particular hand and it is for this reason that the blackjack bet has to be made first.

For you to wager a side bet, ensure you look for the symbol of the jack at the left of the blackjack betting square and then drop the betting coins as appropriate. For you to clearly know your winning options, here is the payout breakdown available in Double Jack.

  • 2 jacks of spade will give out 100x the initial bet.
  • Any pair of jacks will pay out 25x the initial bet.
  • If a jack appear as the first card, it pays out 10x the initial bet

If you get any other combination, you will have lost.

Other than the side bet which is a bit different, the rest of the game follows that standard blackjack rules for you to win. Thus the goal is to get 21 or to bust the dealer. However, if the first card dealt is not a Jack, the side bet is off. Thus if you win, you will only get to win the blackjack bet. Although some casinos are offering Blackjack pro series without the side bet option, most of the top casinos are actually giving you that option. It is therefore recommended for you to check the type of bets allowed in various casinos for the blackjack pro series game before you engage in actual gaming.

Anytime you play blackjack pro series, you stand a chance to not only win the side bets as extra winnings but also gain bonuses for blackjack too. Since you will have placed bets for blackjack and Double Jack, you could win bonuses meant for blackjack and also win the Double Jack bet too. Playing blackjack in any online casino might no be the same anymore. With this exciting game form netent; blackjack has taken a whole new platform.

Most blackjack players might say this is a development from classic blackjack but in clearer context it is the future of blackjack. It offers more winning options and gives blackjack a whole new platform since you might lose in the original blackjack bet but end up wining the side bet, and with a much more bigger margin if you hit 2 jacks of spade which will multiply your bet by a hundred. It is therefore a good thing to try it out by visiting casinos that offer this awesome Net Entertainment casino game. Also learn the tricks and cons of the game before rushing out to play it since as new and easy as it might seem, some time it might need a better look before trying it out.

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