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Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat Pro Series

Game Overview

Baccarat Pro Series

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Baccarat Pro Series

Net Entertainment’s Series version presents a fantastic casino game. The version of this table game can really bring the excitement and entertainment of the casino to your computer. Net entertainment production is a reliable software company that has released fabulous games that are released on the market. It is one of the market leaders in the field of casino games. The net entertainment company employs over 200 employees and their primary concern is the development of new games. Talking about the Baccarat Pro Series table game, you can bet on the player a tie or a banker. It also offers you three distinct modes to choose high, mid or low roller. The choice is all yours.

Description of the Baccarat pro series

In this game, a player has to predict his hand values and the Banker’s hand values. A value that is closest to nine is the winning hand. The values which are identical consist of a tie. When the casino game begins, one point is carried by aces, the cards from two to nine are face values and picture cards are worthless. The player can receive an excellent payout if a tie takes place. The payout is 9:1. You can also receive 2:1 payout if you win on your or the Banker’s hand. The players are also offered the ability of betting even more than one. It’s not difficult to understand the rules of Baccarat. From my experience it is one of the best Net Entertainment’s Baccarat table games Online.

  • The details of this game
  • Payout percentage
  • Which type of casino game is this?
  • Type of table game
  • Quantity of deck cards
  • 2-9 are worth their face value,
  • The Ace is worth 1 point, and
  • The 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10 points.
  • When the player has 0-5 points, the bank does not take a card.
  • When the player takes a third card, the bank also takes a third card when the following occurrence takes place:

It consists of the following useful details

  • The payout percentage of net entertainment released baccarat pro series is 98.94%
  • It is a type of table game.
  • It is a type of baccarat pro game series
  • It is played with eight decks of 52 cards that needs to be shuffled before each round
  • Scores of the cards

The card values are as follows

From the total 10 points will be subtracted when you get ten points or more in Baccarat game. In this way you are never able to get more than 9 points and which is the only highest score.

To give an example: you have a 6 and a Queen in your hand, the total in that case would be 16. But when the above ten points are subtracted, in this manner, in reality you only have 6 points in your hand.

Rules of the third card

Basically, two cards are dealt, but as the rules say, a third card is supposed to be dealt. The third card is dealt for the following cases:

  1. The total point of the two cards of the bank is lower than two
  2. The player’s third card is not an eight and the point total of the two cards of the bank is three.
  3. The point total of the two cards of the bank is four and the third card of the player is not a 0 or 1 or 8 or 9.
  4. The point total of the bank’s two cards is five and the player’s third card is not a 4or 5 or 6 or 7
  5. The point total of the two cards of the bank is six and the third card of the player is not a 6 or 7
  6. The point total of the bank’s two cards is seven, the bank passes.

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