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5-Reel Fire

Reel Fire

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5-Reel Fire

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5-Reel Fire

Players who are interested in playing video slot games have a privilege of choosing from a variety of games since there are different kinds of 5 reel slots on offer. These games are theme based. Therefore their symbols, graphics and animations are designed to match with the theme. This article aims at the 5 reel fire game in particular.

5 Reel fire is a 25 payline slot game taking you through the hectic quest of a fire. The game offers free spins plus wild and scatter symbols to help you put out the fire. This is a video slot machine game that is offered at casinos around the world. It can be played on land base or even online. Getting to know how to play is quite simply. It is a game that is based simply on luck therefore does not require special skills or strategy.

First, the player needs to decide the kind of wager to be chosen which depends on the coin size that is offered. Mostly it lies between $0.01 and $10 or its equivalent in different currencies in countries that do not use the dollar. Once this is chosen, the player also needs to decide the number of paylines that he/she wishes to activate. Players can activate a minimum of one payline to a maximum of the highest number offered by the game and in this case 25. Then the player can now choose the number of coins to stake per payline. Normally players are allowed to bet up to 10 coins per payline.

After setting up all that, then the player opts to spin the reels. Once the reels have completely been spun, the result of the game is displayed on the outcome screen. If the result of the spin contains a winning combination on any of the paylines that have been activated, then the player is rewarded a prize mostly cash according to the payout table. Though it varies from one casino to another, most of them offer bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are triggered by a certain preset combination in a spin. Majority of these second screen bonuses possess a random bonus amount. This means that when playing, the player does not know the exact price they are competing for. They choose an option from a ‘pick a box’ option that appears on the screen to reveal the bonus prize.

Generally, it would be in order to say that this game follows four easy steps as follows; select your coins size, select the number of paylines to activate or bet on, click on the spin button and finally pray and hope that the spin results in a winning combination. Some few slot game machines have been modified to have special features which are intended at making it more complicated but basically this is all there is to playing reel slot games.

5 reel slots display five lines of symbols. On the startup screen, the display shows all the symbols and payouts for the machine so that the player will be able to understand what symbols must show up and in what sequence to get a win. There are several sequences that can determine a win. They include;

  • One symbol showing up across the centre line
  • One symbol showing in an up/down/up sequence
  • One symbol showing in a diagonal

Online 5 reel slots are more exciting than the land based variety. This is caused by their enhanced graphics and their real life audio sounds. Reel slots symbols have also changed over time. Years ago, 5 reel fire slot game symbols were mostly pictures of fruits. Mostly a winning line was achieved when five cherries showed up in the winning line. However, this has greatly changed with today’s technological achievement in the computer world. Now the symbols can be almost anything depending on a particular slot machine theme.

Disappointingly, there is no way one would learn skills to enable him win all the time. This is due to the fact that these machines and online slots are based on computer software with a random number generator. If you want to know that this is true, try a land based machine. Then ask for the owner or the manager of the casino and play with him/her. Place a bet on which one of you would win and compensate the other. You will realize that you might turn out the winner because not even they can predict the next combination the machine will produce.

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