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Jackpot Deuces

jackpot deuces

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Jackpot Deuces

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Jackpot Deuces Review

The name of this game "Jackpot Deuces" tells all. The Jackpot Deuces is the video poker game online with 2 exciting special features: big Progressive Jackpot & 4 Wild Deuces. Those special features will make the Jackpot Deuces the highly exciting games in casino online.

Playing Jackpot Deuces Poker Online

Like in all the video poker games online, you start the Jackpot Deuces game just by placing the bet. Coin size is been fixed at a credit, and you must always bet maximum 5 coins in order to make yourself qualified to win progressive jackpot. When placing the bet, click on Deal and get 5 cards. Click on cards that you wish to Hold, and click Draw. These cards you didn’t hold will get removed & replaced by the fresh random cards on the deck. Knowing what cards to hold & trade is where the video poker strategy will come in play. When you draw, final five card poker hand will be compared to Pay Table in order to determine the winnings. You require at least 3 of kind to win in Jackpot Deuces video poker. Right from there, payouts increase for better poker hands: flush, straight, four of kind, full house, all way up to Royal Flush.

Wild Deuces in the Jackpot Deuces

All 4 deuces in Jackpot Deuces are the wild cards that will substitute for card in a deck. The wild cards are the wonderful thing. They will turn the losing hands in winners and will turn the winners in bigger winners. All thanks to wild card, hand with 2 pairs and wild deuce becomes the Full House. With the wild cards, you also can get 5 of kind, hand that seems impossible.

Progressive Jackpot included

The Royal Flush —Jack, 10, King, Queen, Ace, all same suit — is best hand in the poker. In the Jackpot Deuces, Royal Flush of the hearts, spades or clubs will pay 4,000 coins on 5coin bet. That is the great payout, however it gets better in case your Jack, 10, King, Queen, or Ace are diamonds. That is the Diamond Royal Flush & it can reward you Jackpot Deuces Jackpot. The progressive jackpot is the jackpot without any limit. It begins big as well as keeps growing larger each time someone plays the Jackpot Deuces in any casino. Jackpot will reach several thousands of the dollars, Euros, pounds, and kronor, and will be yours in case you bet maximum 5 coins and hit Diamond Royal Flush. By winning big jackpot in the progressive video poker online game is exciting things that will happen in casino online game. It’s fun to play the video poker online. However, additional opportunities made by 4 wild deuces, which is combined with chance you may get very lucky to win huge progressive jackpot, and make Jackpot Deuces exciting video poker game online. You can play Jackpot Deuces and see yourself what poker excitement and fun is about.

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