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Mona Lisa Jewels

Mona Lisa Jewels

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Mona Lisa Jewels

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Mona Lisa Jewels

Mona Lisa Jewels is one of the newest slot games to hit the online gaming world and is as luxurious as its name suggests or at least it will give the impression of luxury for anyone who uses it. It is not that different to other slot games and a player playing this slot game will start with a 1000 point budget. It has a maximum of 25 lines and the maximum bet per line is 5 points making the maximum a gamer can bet for the entire game to be 125 points.

This slot game is designed and made by iSoftBet and is a progressive jackpot slot machine which means that it will give you a lot of chances of walking away with the jackpot. Mona Lisa Jewels is elegantly designed and although it retains some of the traditional appeal that slots are famous for while managing to make the game quite elegant and beautifully designed. The graphics and theme music for the Mona Lisa Jewels is top notch and very well designed. The game itself doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality and its effectiveness. The icons are not lacking in flare and beauty and are actually designed to look just like gems, diamonds and rubies giving the slot game a rich luxurious look and feel. But the most amazing and recognizable icon of the game is the Mona Lisa painting which also happens to be the most treasured of the icons on this slot game.

The Mona Lisa icon which is obviously the ultimate winner amongst all the jewels and crowns that makes the slot game exciting. The Mona Lisa icon will give a player 10 free spins with all winnings multiplied whenever the icon appears. The jewel also gives additional free spins but doesn’t double the winnings as with the Mona Lisa icon. The Mona Lisa Jewels slot game is also a progressive jackpot which means that a person can win up to 6 progressive jackpots. Also available as a video slot game, the machine is activated by selecting the number of lines, the value of the coin and number of coins you are willing to bet and then press the spin button and you are ready to go. It is inclusive of features such as wild symbols, scatter, free spins and the ultimately fantastic, progressive jackpot as well as a bonus game.

The Wild symbol on the Mona Lisa substitutes all other symbols except for the Scatter and jackpot and will result in the highest possible combination. If replacing the symbol jewel doesn’t give free spins and the best feature of all is the alignment of all five wild symbols that means you are entitled to a payout of 150 times your bet. On the other hand 3 scatter symbols in the game that appear anywhere regardless of the reels or pay lines means that a player is entitled to 10 free spins. During the free spins a gamer is further entitled to a multiplier whenever the wild symbol appears.

This is just an example of the many ways that you can increase your chances of winning with the Mona Lisa Jewels. The game is beautifully designed with amazing graphics especially for the video slot one and it also guaranteed to make it worth your time thanks to the very many chances of winning that you have when you play the Mona Lisa Jewels. It is designed to be the ultimate in fun and exciting which is what a gamer is always looking for. Apart from the possibility of walking away with the jackpot, a slot game is meant to be fun and the Mona Lisa Jewel doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this.

The game is available in a number of online casinos and some of them will even let you play the game for free which is a good way to test drive the software.

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