Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance at all. It has in online casinos and gambling houses in the world and a permanent place for playing in online casinos are, roulette games well. The reason for this is due to the rapidly in explaining rules and also to the fact that Roulette can reproduce very well online. So it happens that the online roulette to the graphically beautiful games in the casinos often heard.

But who play roulette online wants is spoiled for choice: First, there is no casino on the Internet, which does not offer online roulette and secondly, many online casinos also about different roulette games!


Who wants to play roulette online, must first of all the rules to know. Most online casinos offer every game corresponding to the rules, so future reference is possible at any time. The basic principle of online roulette is simple: The objective is to guess before every throw, which number or color the ball will land on the boiler. In the embodiment of the operation it is, however, many different ways. Thus, in roulette online bet on a certain number or four or six numbers simultaneously. It can be one color (red or black) or to bet on even or odd numbers. One can of numbers or certain sections also set. In addition, there are many side bets. The variety of possible missions may deter a few newcomers, but online roulette is a really exciting game, for which one has the bow out quickly, as soon as possible applications has been learned that different.


The Internet and in live casinos are not the roulette, but are different roulette games offered. The best known and most popular version in online casinos is the American Roulette. In this version of the online Roulette features not only the single zero, but also a double zero. In general, these two subjects are green. In addition, the boilers are the number subjects in the American arranged differently than in European Roulette. For the player it means that the American roulette the house edge is larger than the European roulette! It is this online version of Roulette at 5.26%.

So if you play roulette online should improve access to the European version with only one zero. Here is the house edge is less high than the American Roulette, he is about 25.7%. Particularly exciting version of online Roulette Royale Roulette “is. In this variant, the roulette games are associated with a progressive jackpot. Anyone who meets five times in a row the same number of cracks, the jackpot! Then there is also the French Roulette. Also in this category Roulette is played with only one zero. The difference with the European Roulette is that you back in half the use of simple chances get when the ball lands on zero. This reduces this kind of online roulette the house edge again and stands at 1.35%.


While some casino games quite a large proportion also require skill, to win, roulette is a game of chance. But even here there are ways to be playing with the aid of little tips and tricks to improve. You have a concrete strategy for the game to do with less, but rather with their own playing style. Who wants to score points with online roulette and wants to be successful, should above all a good money management and self discipline. For he who has eyes in his game account, which also plays successful. In Roulette online and in live casino roulette the player needs the luck to be hold. Who is after a profit-spirited and risks everything runs fast danger of going home empty-handed after using. But this is not must. For there is roulette games offer the opportunity to own improve profit opportunities.