Online gambling means internet gambling. Online Gambling is now a lucrative business. Modern technology has changed everything, and online gambling is one them. In 2012, Germany passed an interstate treaty on gambling. Some particular casinos are legal in Germany but for a certain time. In 2013, Germany’s first online casino was launched with the proper license. The strange thing about online gambling in Germany is that hosting an online gambling site is illegal, but making bets online is not illegal.

Why players like online gambling over land casinos?

Online gambling helps the gamblers to participate in gambling through the internet. Players like online gambling over land casinos because they can earn a higher payback percentage than the land casinos. Players gain higher payback percentage for some reasons. Some online casinos offer a better percentage of slot machine games, and some others also make a particular strategy to attract the players. Naturally higher percentage brings an edge over land casinos. Also, according to some players, while participating in online gambling, you can find a proper number generator in a random way. The online casinos also claim that they are maintaining higher payback percentage according to their policy which is legal.

Another reason that makes online casinos more lucrative are the welcome bonuses for new players.There are a lot of trusted sites that offer great bonuses including freespins to frest signed up players. Some of these casinos are Mega Casino, Mr Green Casino as well as Simba Games.


  • People have been participating in gambling for so many years. The aim of gambling is to bet less money and get the opportunity to earn more money back. This gambling is now a part of business. This business has spread its wings with the invention of online gambling. Now online gambling is famous, not only for a good earning, but also for its recreational activity.

  • With the invention of modern technology, online gambling has become a very profitable industry. So many people from different parts of the world can choose and participate in some particular online gambling sites to earn a handsome amount of money in a very short time. A simple truth of human psychology is to make more money without making any serious effort. And online gambling simply gives that chance.

  • If you are a gambler and want to participate in gambling regularly, then online casinos are the best convenient way to fulfill that dream. You can take part in online gambling from home. That means you can play the game anytime. You don’t have to wait for any strict time frame. Now it is amazing to sit on the sofa in your home, take your laptop and enjoy casino games.  

  • One significant benefit of online gaming is that if you are a newcomer, then you can make yourself familiar with the instructions of the game. But if you visit land casinos you can’t have that opportunity to learn instructions. So online casino helps you to understand the rules and the game and make way to earn money sitting at home.

  • If you visit a land casino, you have to carry a huge amount money in your pocket which is not safe enough. But if you participate in online casinos, then you can spend the money according to your wish. And another important thing is that reputable online casinos (eg. Simba Games or Mega Casino) never cheat you because they don’t want to lose their customers.

  • In online gambling you can play any game anytime, that means all games are accessible every day. And you don’t have to wait in line to join any particular game. All you need to do is to register or log on to the website of the game and enter into the world of online gambling.

  • Every land casino has some strict rules and regulations. Once you enter, you have to follow them. But if you play online gambling you don’t have to follow such regulation or rules. You are free to move anywhere you want.

There are several popular online games in Germany

  • Slots: One most popular game in Germany is slots. Slot machines are the same as you can see in the land casinos. There are three wheel versions which also have three spinning reels. Now you need to place a number as bet and if you are lucky then the spinning reels can select the number, and you can win the money. ‘Slots’ is very famous in Germany.

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is a very popular game in Germany. You can play this game by drawing playing cards with a face value. The face values of all the royal cards are worth 10, and the face values of all the royal cards are worth 11. The basic concept of this game is the same as you play in your home.

  • Video Poker: Video poker is also a popular game in Germany. The objective of the game is to assemble the powerful poker. Now you have to place a bet, and the machine will show you five cards. If you like any of the five, then press the button under that particular card and the computer ditches all other cards and you will be given new cards.

Rules for online gambling players

Germany consists of 16 federal states. And every state contains its own rules and regulation about online gambling. Earlier the main problem with this different rules and regulation was that there was no single rules and regulation that all the 16 states have to follow. One of the biggest problems was there was no proper communication between the states regarding online gambling. That means no similar rules was there for all the states. After 2008, Germany took a very strict step and imposed a federal ban on online gambling. It was imposed by German Interstate Treaty. Currently, the state’s new legislation allows players to participate online games, but within the borders of the state.

Tips and tricks to earn more

The aim of online gambling is to earn money. Now in Germany, you can increase your earnings through some proper tricks and tips.

Avoid the game which is not suitable or profitable for you. If you are participating in online gambling, then you need to choose the proper game, because once you step into the game, you have to complete it. So be careful before spending money.

Think about your aim

First, decide how much you want to devote to an online game because you have to bring the money back from online gambling.

The way to choose the best casino

Before choosing the best casino website, give proper attention to know whether the casino has the license or not. The best way is to gather information as much as you can then participate. Also, experience is a great way to identifying the best casino.

It is undoubtedly true that online gaming is very popular in Germany. And any German can easily place an online bet to play online casino games. Visit the reviews of our german online casinos now or visit the most trusted casinos >>> Mega Casino or >>> Simba Games for german players directly. .