How to play poker is simple and following laid rules is the first success. The game is played in both land based and online casinos and designated gaming spots. Played by set of cards, the game involves a lot of psychology as each player thinks hard and fast to beat each other. There is no game dealer as in the case of other lottery games like pai gow and blackjack.

The game is played from set standard deck of fifty two cards each arranged in four suits. However, the rules vary depending with place thus others may allow use of multiple decks or just add wild cards or joker. The four suits include; spades, clubs, diamond and hearts and no suit is better off than another.

The cards are then arranged from highest to lowest starting with Ace, King, Queen Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. The Ace can be low or high depending on the game. The players have to pay required amount then dealt five cards referred as a hand. Ranking is usually based on probability beginning with the highest.

After cards have been dealt, betting starts with the players betting clockwise into the pot in the middle of the table. The highest ranked player initiates the betting process. Here, he is faced with two options, either to bet or check. By checking, he passes decision to the next player who can do likewise and in the event of all players checking, it marks end of first round permitting everyone to open their cards and the highest hand wins.

Real betting begins only after one player places a bet. This then subject each player into three scenarios; call, raise or fold. A fold can either means to pass or drop out of the round and not participate while to call implies willingness to match the bet by placing same amount on the pot and raise means matching the bet and add extra bet.

In the event there are no more raises and all cards have been dealt, it marks the end of the round. Each player then opens his close cards and the highest hand wins the pot. This process continues as long as the player can still pay for dealt cards.

Learning the game is of importance as experts are built from humble beginning. When you loss or win take it easy and focus on the brighter side of the game. While on the table be careful, you can listen to all possible stories and don’t tell one as many players tend to be selfish for fact and they can use the trick to confuse you and later realize you are on the losing end all the time.

How to play poker best does not need any magic. You have to be quick to learn the rules and tricks involved.Learn how to manage bitter feeling of losing; there is a winning chance too.