Just like any other casino game, pai gow is played famously in casinos both land based and online. Unlike Keno which purely relies on one’s luck, how to play pai gow best relies on the gaming experience. There are usually three scenarios; a win, a loss and a push.

The game can be played up to a group of seven players. Among the players, one of them is appointed as the player-dealer indicated by a dealer button. It is usually played using cards arranged in both hands; each player has seven cards with one hand consisting of five and the other two. This followed by a careful arrangement of cards.

Upon completion of card arrangement in such a way that five card hand ranks higher than the two-card hand side, the house leader reveals and arranges the player’s dealer hand. Hands then compete simultaneously against that of player- dealer clockwise commencing with the hand best determined by throwing or shaking of a dice. In making determination of either a win, loss or a push, double- hand uses poker rankings to compare the two player hands with those of the house dealer.

Pai gow deck consists of 53 cards and only fifty two arranged in four pairs consisting of thirteen cards each. The suits include; spades, diamond, hearts, clubs and a joker. No suit is worth more than any other and is ranked in a descending order.

In a five-card hand ranking, the joker can be used to complete any straight or flush and is usually ranked as an ace. On the other hand, two- card hand ranking falls in two categories, pair and no pair. The paired rank in a descending order from A-A, to 2-2 as the least. The non- paired rank in descending order from A-K, to 3-2 as the least and here, the joker is just another ace.

A win situation; in this case, both the players hands must rank higher than those of house dealer. In the second scenario of a loss, both the players hand must rank lower than or tie with those house dealer’s. A tie automatically guaranty house dealer a win over the player. Finally a push situation; these where none has neither win nor lose, one of the player’s two hand wins and the other loses or ties the player-dealer’s hand.

One of the key tips of bettering winning chances is through building the best two card hand. Do not overlook the two card hand and spend time strengthening five card sides as this will probably land you severally in a push situation worsening your winning chances. Use the best combination and make both hands strong to give you a fair competition.

In order to learn how to play pai gow and become a wizard, practice a lot and learn how to build strength on both hands. Seek help whenever you are not comfortable in anyway as the help team is always there for you. Avoid playing a full house game due to technicality associated with it.