Craps is usually the easiest casino games you can enjoy playing all the time, as there is no much psychology required in order to win; you only need to focus on the target. It can be played by a dozen of people under supervisory of few casino officials at the same time. How to play crap and win relies on how best you can bet ; the game involve turns where one throws or toss the dice on the big craps table in determination of a pass line.

There are some rules of the game every player should be conversant with before embarking on betting for the actual game. Tossing the dice; when it is your turn, the stickman presents four or more dice and you are required to toss two and he takes the remainder. When rolling the dice, you need to use one hand to avoid cheating and make sure the dice cross the big table and bounces off the wall.

The game commences upon the shooter place a bet before the come-out roll. The shooter then turn the buck on by placing a bet on the pass line, anyone around the table can also bet but not important. He then performs first roll which is usually referred as come-out roll.

In the event the shooter rolls seven or eleven on come –out roll, his bet on the pass line and the money placed wins and every else’s too. On the other hand, when come out is a two, three or twelve, everybody loses their pass line bets and this called craps. The shooter then has a mandate to roll any other number which now becomes the point.

Playing the point already established by the shooter. When the shooter establishes a point by rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, all bets on the pass line remain. One does not have to make any additional bet so as to play the point. He then takes buck and place it on the set point. If he rolls his point, everyone who has a bet on the pass line wins plus the money.

Placing odds bet

After the shooter has establish a pass line, you can place an odds bet behind the pass line and should the shooter hit the point, you both win the pass line bet plus additional. This additional point can only become participatory if you are playing the game. In addition, you are at liberty to increase, decrease or remove your odds bet anytime you wish. However, if a seven is rolled, you both loss you pass line bet and odds bet.

There are more betting options including placing a come out bet. You can become a best craps player by first familiarizing yourself with the game and basic principles. Playing constantly is an added advantage on the table.

How to play to play craps and win does not need any physical exercise strength. You need to be active throughout the gaming session. Keep yourself fit always and ready to take risk.