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Bingo Hi-Lo Game Show

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Bingo Hi-Lo Game Show

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Bingo Hi-Lo Game Show

This is an online game that uses Gtech-G2 software and has 30 pay lines, 5 reels, scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins and all this is wrapped up in a bonus. You can play this game at your favourite online casinos, some of which include; prestige casino, casino club as well as heaven casino.

This is an all-time casino classic where you will probably win big if you can predict whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the previous.

The cards in Hi-lo bingo at Gtech-G2 are ranked in ascending order as follows: ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, jack, queen, and king.

How to bet: to place your bet, you should select the chip size you want by pressing the arrows next to the chip value. The following chip sizes are possible: £0.20, £0.50, £1, £2.5, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £150, £200, £250. After selecting the chip size you start the game by pressing “DEAL”.

Below is an explanation on the various chip sizes available.

Higher: this you should select if you think the next card will be higher. You select by pressing the “HIGHER” button.

Lower: if as per your opinion, the next card will be lower you press the “LOWER” button.

Collect: if you want to collect your winnings displayed in the bank field on top of the table, all you need to do is click “COLLECT”.

The pay-outs are displayed on top of the table below where it says “will the next card be higher or lower?” there you find two fields “higher win” and “lower win”. The numbers indicated below the two respective fields designate how much you will win if your decision in regards to the next card is right. If your decision is right, you win the amount displayed in the corresponding “higher win” and “lower win” field and the winning amount gets credited to the “Bank”. To credit your winnings that you have collected, all you need is to click “COLLECT”. This ends the game and the money you have won will be credited to your playing account.

Formal game rules: with a minimum bet of £0.20 and a maximum bet of £250 some rules have to be followed. This game features a set of 13 cards in the suit of spades where the remainder of the set excepting the latest card displayed is shuffled between the draw of each new card.

Bearing in mind the game is played over the internet which is otherwise imperfect, messages to or from your display device and the game servers may be lost or interrupted. If you have not commenced when your game is disconnected, the game will not take place. If on the other hand however you have already commenced, the game status will be recorded on the game servers and the bet will stand and the outcome will be reflected in your account status.

In the event of disconnection the records stored on the game servers shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any bets you have placed and the circumstances in which they were made.

It is however important to note that if you attempt to reconnect to a game after the last possible player interaction in a game, you may not see the completion of the hand. However, your account balance will be updated to reflect the outcome. This is notably not considered a malfunction at all.

The term “malfunction voids all pays and play” means your bet and any outcome are void in the event of a malfunction.

None the less, in the event that these formal game rules contradict other information about the game these game rules take precedence. However, the game rules do not take precedence over the main service terms and conditions.

This game at Gtech-G2 offers reliable and responsible online gaming with secure online money transactions


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