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Bay Patrol

Bay Patrol

Game Overview

Bay Patrol

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Bay Patrol

Bay patrol is an excitement packed slot game that comes together with suntanned and curvaceous bodies that will leave you finger licking. It is a sun soaked bay watch based game. Players enjoy the erotic scene filled with tight red swimsuits, a plethora of swimmer sharks and a collection of life saving devices.

Players have a chance to fly to a Caribbean island on their own beach adventure if they hit that gigantic jackpot. If you hit three jackpot symbols in a row, you win the big jackpot and off you go! The jackpot is presented in three sizes which are large, extra large and huge. You win either of the sumptuous jackpots depending on how much money you bet on your winning spin. The values of each jackpot are shown in the game display. For a chance to win the jackpot, you must play the maximum number of credits per line.

Also, you can be sure to enjoy a good share of our bighearted free spins, free games, wild symbols and bonuses. It is no wonder that Bay Patrol is a top choice for many a players. Jackpot wins and bonus game prizes are not multiplied by the number of credits bet.

Come on board and join the lifeguards to assist them look after windsurfers and swimmers out on the bay.

General overview

Starting from the leftmost reel, pay lines are aligned from left to right. All wins happen on selected pay lines. Wins are again multiplied by credits bet per line. The highest win on each pay line will apply. To get your total win, wins on the various pay lines are summed up.

How to Play Bay Patrol

  • Firstly, choose the denomination that you want by clicking + / - adjacent to DENOMINATION.
  • Choose the number of credits per line and the number of lines you wish to bet by scrolling on + / - adjacent to Credits / Lines and Lines.
  • And finally, hit SPIN to start the game. The BET MAX option allows you to start the game by betting the maximum number of lines.
  • CREDITS will show the number of credits available at the running denomination.
  • BET exhibits the total number of credits bet.
  • WIN shows the amount won in the previous round.
  • A 5 in any position guarantees 100 free spins.
  • A 4 in any position deliberates 25 free spins for you.
  • A 3 in any position will give you 10 free spins.

Free spins with Bay Patrol

A fresh free spin sequence can be won on any free spin. Prizes won on free spins are doubled with the exception of bonus points. When new free spin sequence is won during the free spins, the new number of free spins is not doubled.

The selected denomination, the number of lines played in the preceding spin and the number of credits bet per line remains the unchanged during the free spin succession.

Bonus Game with Bay Patrol

You start the bonus game after gathering 500 points. You will get the bonus symbol on the fifth reel and you’ll receive a point for every line and credit for every line played. For instance, if you play 2 credits per line in 9 lines, you will obtain 18 bonus points headed for the bonus game.

Also note that bonus points are collected per denomination. That is to say that, the bonus points accumulated for a certain denomination is not written off if you change the denomination or exit play. Any remaining points after a bonus game has been played are used when gathering points for the following game. The purpose of the bonus game is to enable your selected craft to traverse the water and get to the finish line. Players select one of three crafts and prizes won increases the further the craft negotiates.

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