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Aztec Gold Pyramid Climb

Aztec Gold Pyramid Climb

Game Overview

Aztec Gold Pyramid Climb

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Aztec Gold Pyramid Climb

Thanks to Gtech - G2 software developers, players in online casinos such as bet365 can try their hand in locating real monies with Aztec Gold - Pyramid Climb. This is an arcade style game based upon the legends of Cuauhtémoc and Cortes. The game has a ten level pyramid made of golden steps set in gemstones and concealed within an isolated bamboo wood. At the peak is a Gold Totem along with the opportunity to go home with an enormous prize.

The game of Aztec Gold Pyramid Climb starts by choosing a stake to bet. You do this by scrolling using the up or down arrows at the lower left corner of the screen. A bettor can wager any of the available amounts that range from €0.50 to €10.00.

After setting the stake, the player clicks on the green PLAY button that is to the right. The game is now set in motion.

Ghostly background sounds play as the 12 blocks making up the lowest level of the pyramid light up sequentially from right to left and then from left to right. The lighting gradually slows down until it halts upon one block that remains lit.

If the block that remains lit is one of the two grey end blocks, all of the blocks on the very first level will turn red. The stake will be lost. A message will drop down from the game logo in the upper left corner. The message states; “unlucky, please try again! Please set your stake and press PLAY to continue.”

If the block that remains lit is one of the ten interior golden blocks, a message will drop down stating; “Congratulations! You have reached level 2! Please choose CONTINUE or COLLECT. The CASHPOT indicator beneath the pyramid shows the amount of winnings to this point. When you click the yellow COLLECT button to the right, it will add the CASHPOT to the player’s balance. This is also shown at the top right corner of the screen. A new game can be played again.

On the other hand, if a player opts to hit the CONTINUE button to the left of the CASHPOT, the blocks on the second level will light up sequentially again. It will slow down again until only one block remains lit. If you survive this level, you will be required to select either CONTINUE or COLLECT again. This will happen until when;

  • a loss occurs,
  • COLLECT is chosen or
  • When the tenth level is accomplished successfully.

The player not only accumulates booty level by level, s/he also collects pink or blue gemstones that will adorn random blocks. Collection will take place whenever such a block is the last one left lit.

There are two instances to fail on each level and only one chance to win at the peak. Level 2 has 9 safe landings and thus tougher than the first level that has 10 safe landings. Each level retains two losing spots and removes a single spot for winning. The prize keeps on getting bigger. You can opt to collect after any win or risk it all on a higher level.

A Gem Bonus pay table appears on the right side of the display and shows the value of sets from;

3x to 1500x for catching 5 to 8 blue gems.

3x or 100x for collecting 3 or 4 pink ones.

A green SHUFFLE button below the payout list can be used to change the random order of the gemstones on the ten levels.

The adrenaline keeps rising every level you climb. You take increasingly greater risks as you seek the pinnacle of the golden pyramid. With Aztec Gold, you are capable of reaping heavenly rewards when you successfully negotiate to the pinnacle of the golden pyramid. The precious gemstones that you collect on the way will get you massive bonuses when you reach at the top most peak.


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