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Amber Sky

Amber Sky

Game Overview

Amber Sky

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Amber Sky

Amber Sky is a cool slot game with 25 lines and five reels that offer players pretty many options. Most features put forward in this machine are familiar to many players as they have already seen them in other gaming machines. Even though the features are familiar since they’ve already been used in other machines, the designers also tossed a little gyrate of their own on these features. Certainly, you will be very pleased by many of these twists.

Players are especially animated by the wide range of betting capabilities. Almost everybody is accommodated by this machine as a player can bet for as little as a penny to as much as £250. This is arguably the most accommodative and satisfying gaming range in the market.

The 25 betting lines available in this machine offers players different pay lines that only increases your winning rates. But keep your eye on this as it can make you think that you are always winning in all spins when you are not. Mark this; what you win may be so low at times such that it cannot be comparable to your initial bet, thus, you end up losing anyway. But honestly, this makes the gaming more appealing and exciting,

Amber Sky Slots Bonus Feature

A picture of a flying plane is the scatter symbol presented in Amber Sky Slots. The picture appears on each of the five reels. The use of the symbol is to give a free spin bonus attribute. Whenever at least three scatter symbols appeared anywhere on the screen collectively at the same instant, a random number of free of charge spins were grant. A player could get at least three free spins and up to 25 free spins. This is incredibly a generous reward for free spins given that many machines only give more than 20 free spins if one gets five scatter symbols. But with Amber sky Slots; you can get up to 25 spins for only three scatter symbols. If that happens, you can really rack up some money to take to the bank.

How to play

  • Select the denomination of your choice by clicking + or - next to the label DENOMINATION.
  • Choose the number of lines and credits per line of which you desire to bet by clicking + or -, adjacent to the Credits / Lines.
  • Lastly, click SPIN to begin gaming. BET MAX enables the player to bet the maximum number of lines and the maximum number of credits in each line.
  • Hit AUTO PLAY button to start an auto play session. The amount of the remaining spins is indicated in the game display.
  • You can end the sequence by clicking the STOP button before the round that follows.

Bonus Game with Amber Sky Slots

Whenever at least three bonus symbols materialized anywhere on the screen, at the very instant, a bonus game is awarded. The symbol of the bonus game is a diamond with the word “jackpot” in front of it. When the jackpot or bonus game is activated, a player is taken to a separate screen where he is given the opportunity to try and stop three different wheels on the most worthy symbols. At first, this seems pretty nice as you would expect that at least some cleverness comes to the mix, but alas! The player only switches the button and soon after the wheel will stop at its own convenience. This is understandably disappointing and it may turn you off from the bonus gaming.

In conclusion, my honest thought is that Amber Sky offers a rather solid slots but not much great stuff. The Amber Sky Slots is most popular with many players due to its user friendliness. Something can be daunting however, such as the bonus game. The scatter symbol is really exciting and unarguably the most interesting feature in slot gaming.

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