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Age of Vikings

Age  Vikings

Game Overview

Age of Vikings

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Age of Vikings

Viking Age runs on the Gtech-G2 (Boss Media). It is a 3D slot game in which you can see the premise of Viking’s life. In this you can see from soldiers to chicks, you can also see the high-quality development. This casino game is prospered with the all kinds of Viking: the brunette, the blonde as well as the red-haired.you can also see the Viking confidence, courage and the actions.

Pillage and the plunder are the Viking heroes for the fun. You can also win the prizes and bonus after playing Age of Viking; it is 5 reels, 9 line slot game. Save your pillage by striking winning prize blend in main game plus pilfer give more treasure to gamin the bonus raids.

The winning matching is included the 2-5 matching signs. The scatter symbol is the Thor’s ax blade. And there are two and more signs that are screening Thor’s ax at twice of your gamble or more.

There is more amazing bonus that is waiting you in Age of Viking. Your gamble is twice with the Freyja wielding sword. The best matching is the five wild Freyja signs. When the Viking shied is hit by you three or more you will get the bonus rounds with spinning begins.

The Age Of Viking Is The Safer Game

The member of casino clubs promise that you will get the higher privacy protection. All the information receive about you they treated it with the strict confidentiality as well as they never share this with the 3rd person.

When you see the age of Viking’s website, you will get all the information, but you will not get any information about your personal identity. This is because you fill the information on feedback form they don’t collect the information about you.

On some of the websites you can also download the Boss Media (GTECH G2) software or else send the request. On most of the website they collect your first, middle and the last name with your email address and your permanent address. The sites use this data to make all the services that they will give you so that they will send you newsletter, or else the internal statistics. They never share the data to third party only they provide it when you request this service.

As the member of this Age of Viking casino game you can get the higher protection as well as safe authentication. Because they provide all the services that are secure and the financial transaction are also safe and protected. Most of the Age of Viking game transactions are in the encrypted form.

The GTECH G2 Boss Media software provides many facilities like the use of cookies that are used for the advertisement of cost compensation. Though, these cookies do not recognize the individual person, but browser will identify you.

By visiting the Age of Viking sites casino games websites when you agree all the terms and conditions the liability saved in the website. All the data will you fill in the form are linked website and are at your personal information.

Steps To Play:

  • Sign up

Please register yourself in the age of Viking sites and give your all the information that is asked in the registration form and then click to the submit button so that all the information that you have given will be saved.

  • Activate account

Before starting your game, you have to activate your access to the website. So that you can get your email on the address that you have given. You only have to click on the lists that are in the email so that you will confirm the accuracy of the email address. And, you will also get all the information about the services of the website.

  • Confirm registration

The next step is you have to confirm all the registration to the website

  • Download the GTECH G2 Boss Media games software or else play online

You can download the software from the internet and you can also play online on the internet.

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