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Aqua Slots

aqua slots

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Aqua Slots

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Aqua Slots

The aqua slot is a game that is defined by an undersea themed classic slot. The aqua slot name has meant a lot to many in the world especially the famous band singers of “I am a Barbie girl” when he read the slots title what came up to his mind was Aqua. The online slot has a literal meaning to those who play it. Aqua slots being an undersea themed classic slot that has three reels which are made more fascinating by the single pay line. It also has many added features such as scatters. The slot is said to have a maximum jackpot of $5,000 making it one of the most played online casino games.

The most reviewing features of the Aqua slot are that it contains a 3 reel that is non progressive. It contains a 1-payline and a game scale classic slot that provides its jackpot. Other aqua slot details are its minimum coins jackpot is 500, maximum coins are 3 coins. The betting range is from $0.05 up to $3 and the coin bet range runs from $0.05 to $1. The game has no bonus game and it’s not progressive. In case of Wild symbols, multiplier or even a scatter symbol is not available.

The aqua slot, aqua theme

It composes an old school bandit style slot. The machine has just three reels which are supplemented by a pull to operate handle which is meant for decoration only. There is always a payable that is usually shown on the screen to which all the prizes attributed to placing the three coins that is 1, 2 or 3 coin bet. There are shells and fish mostly starfish which is the reel icon that appear. Their color is yellow making them more beautiful. There is an icon that is very debatable at our office that is very pertaining to the second highest paying icon in the game. I once thought that the icon looked like Kraken as it looks like an octopus in general. After discussion we came into consensus that it’s an octopus.

The betting option of the aqua slot online casino game

There are betting options and more function which are on the low scale compared to the other slots mainly at 0.05 to $3 on every game. The game is mostly provided for free on some websites to make it nicer and attract players.

Main features of the Aqua Slot.

There is a fish icon which means that one or more can award a prize. The fish is a line scatter for prize awarding. It’s the only icon known to act that way on this slot. There is a unique feature that means 1,2or3 of the icons that are on the pay line can and will award 6, 12 or 30 coins respectively. This can only use three coins. There are also three different star icons that are on the reels. I had mentioned this earlier as this feature is very visible. The three icon pay when there are three also identical ones appears on every pay line. The funny thing with these icons is that you can only win a smaller prize when the three mixed stars spin into it too. They usually award 10,20or 30 coins when you place 1,2or3 coin on the wagers at the same time.

May main take on this interesting online casino game aqua slot is that it’s a basic slot this is defiantly without denying it. I think it possess a certain charm which will be popular with every player who like the game and enjoy playing. It’s a very enjoyable classic game. Lastly I found that the game is very vanilla to some tough but this changes nothing in your judgment.

I have been enjoying playing this game and mostly I find it free although on trail basis that can be good for starters.

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